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Wednesday, June 26 2019 @ 03:04 PM UTC

2:00 AM Bar Closing Time Being Considered

Nightlife, Bars, and Partying TVN Noticias - The government is about to implement a "closing time" law in Panama, a system that other countries have used to reduce traffic accidents and alcohol related violence, and now the owners of bars and clubs are worried. The Governor of the Province of Panama, Mayín Correa, thinks it is necessary to regulate the hours of bars and nightclubs in Panama. The proposal will be debated next week. Hardest hit would be nightclub owners, taking into account activity in these sites starts at about 10:00 pm. Some Panamanians believe this will not be enough to reduce violence. Rafael Zeballos of the Restaurant Owners Association, argues the measure will generate new competition for them. What remains to be seen is if the new restrictions would also apply to hotels and casinos who also offer alcoholic drinks to their customers. Some sectors believe the potential impact on tourism should be considered before any measure is enacted. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: When I was in the military I had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling all across the United States and around the world. In areas where there are no or few limitations, like it is in Panama right now, some people will stay out all night partying. Most of us don't. In areas where there's an established closing time people will modify or adjust their schedules to allow them to get drunk before they get kicked out. When I was living near Laurel, Maryland, the laws for bars were established by every individual county in the state, and a river running right through the middle of town was the dividing line from one county to the other. On one side was a strip club that had to close at 2:00 am, and when they had to close all of the girls would literally do a "conga-line" wearing practically nothing but high heals and $1 dollar bills, up the street to "our bar" which was on the other side of the river and which could stay open until 4:00 am. In Texas where there were all kinds of "Blue Laws" and "dry counties" restricting the sale of alcohol, people would just drive down to the county line and load cases of beer into coolers. In other areas where there are restrictions, young people often die in car accidents when they are driving long distances, drunk, to get back home. In Saudi Arabia, where there was not supposed to be any alcohol at all, we either smuggled it in or brewed our own (nasty) versions of home made stew from things like grape fruit juice. Some of the stills were quite impressive, and the crap coming out of them would give you a buzz, but it was still pretty bad. I was in one place in Arizona where all the bars had to close at midnight. Anyway, whatever Panama decides to do, they're wasting their time if they think it's going to have any kind of an impact at all on alcohol abuse or drunk driving. The hard core drinkers are going to do whatever it takes to get drunk, no matter what the law says. And, if they make it legal for the hotels and casinos to keep selling, then the party will just shift to there. The conga-line forms here...

Alerta por “ley zanahoria” en Panamá 28/Ago/2009 | Castalia Pascual | vistas: 414 | Comentarios: 0

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El gobierno está a punto de aplicar la “ley zanahoria” en Panamá, un sistema que en otros países ha pretendido disminuir accidentes y hechos de violencia, Ahora los dueños de bares y discotecas están preocupados.

La Gobernadora Mayín Correa considera que ya es necesario que se regulen los horarios de los bares y discotecas en Panamá. Esta medida empezará a ser analizada la próxima semana.

Los más afectados podrían ser los dueños de discotecas, tomando en cuenta que la actividad en estos sitios inicia pasada las diez de la noche. Algunos panameños consideran que esta medida no será suficiente para disminuir la violencia.

Rafael Zeballos de la asociación de dueños de restaurantes, sostiene que esto generará una nueva competencia para ellos.

Se tendrá que definir si la medida aplicaría para los hoteles y casinos que también ofrecen bebidas alcohólicas a sus clientes. Algunos sectores consideran que habría que medir el impacto en el turismo antes de aplicar cualquier medida.

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