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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 02:24 am EDT

Martinelli Responds to PRD Accusations

Corruption By ISIDRO RODRIGUEZ for La Estrella - While Belgis Castro, the former Minster of Education spends his weekend under arrest and in jail, the bickering between Ricardo Martinelli, the President of Panama, and the members of the Partido Revolucionario Democratico (PRD) intensified. "He who does not owe has nothing to fear." With this tone President Ricardo Martinelli responded to the harsh accusations coming from the PRD regarding the arrest of former Education Minister Belgis Castro, which they say was "not justified and which responds to a political persecution."

"They didn't steal the Herons (from the Presidential mansion) because they make noise, they are shrill, and they scream." With these words, given on the television program Debate Abierto, Martinelli described what he has been able to see of the former administrtaion of President Martin Torrijos. Martinelli insisted that the authorities to "not be compromised by a number of scoundrels who have done nothing less than steal the illusion and hope of the Panamanian people, and now they want to hide behind the shield of politics." He said "due process will follow each and every one of them, and they will be allowed to make their disclaimers and defenses, but he who stole something real from the Panamanian people should go to jail." He warned that "a lot of people who were poor but who now have become millionaires will be in prison through the judiciary." The PRD maintains its position. Its leaders demand that the constitutional guarantees of former Education Minister Belgis Castro be respected. (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: Damn! I just love it when politicians speak plainly. This line about "they didn't steal the herons because they make too much noise" is fantastic. Well, that's a pretty clear statement of the position of the administration of Ricardo Martinelli with regards to corruption and the investigaiton and prosecution of corrupt former government officials of the administration of Martin Torrijos. Let's see, Figali, the power companies, the transportation industry, the entire PRD political apparatus, Bern, the Colon Free Trade Zone - is there anyone else in the country with money and power left to piss off? The rich and (formerly) powerful politicians hate it, while the poor and (formerly) powerless love practically everything he's doing. Smart. And this is what the rest of the world is calling a "right leaning conservative businessman." I wonder why?

Martinelli responde al PRD

08-29-2009 | ISIDRO RODRÍGUEZ Mientras el ex ministro pasa el fin de semana detenido en la DIJ, los dimes y diretes entre el presidente y el PRD se profundizan

Portada PANAMÁ. “El que no la debe no la teme”. En este tono el presidente Ricardo Martinelli respondió a los duros señalamientos del PRD sobre que la detención del ex ministro de Educación, Belgis Castro “no se justifica y responde a una persecución política”.

“No se robaron las garzas porque eran chillonas, gritonas”. Con estas palabras, dadas al programa Debate Abierto, el mandatario describió lo que ha podido ver de la pasada administración del ex presidente Martín Torrijos.

Martinelli instó a las autoridades a que “no se dejen amedrentar por una cantidad de sinvergüenzas que lo único que han hecho es robarle la ilusión y la esperanza al pueblo panameño y ahora quieren escudarse en la política”.

Instó a que “se le siga el debido proceso a todos y cada uno de ellos, y que se les permita los descargos que haya que hacer, pero el que le robó algún real al pueblo panameño que vaya a parar a la cárcel”.

Advirtió que “una gran cantidad de limpios que han quedado millonarios van a quedar en la chirola a través del Órgano Judicial”.

El PRD mantiene su posición. Sus dirigentes piden que al ex ministro de Educación, Belgis Castro se le respeten todas sus garantías constitucionales.

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