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Saturday, February 23 2019 @ 10:30 AM UTC

M&M Administrative Services - "What Can We Do For You?"

Professional Services A team of young, energetic, and multilingual mobile professionals at M&M Administrative Services works to make your life easier and more efficient. Let us handle your employment matters, contracts, accounting, bill payment, and more! We file all the required documents in order to ensure compliance with the relevant government agencies such as the Caja de Seguro Social, Ministero de Trabajo, and Ministerio de Economia y Finanzas among others.

Imagine This: You no longer even think about spending your valuable time managing the undesirable, yet important details regarding your employees, bills, permits, and so forth. You no longer wonder if you understood everything you were just told in rapid-fire Spanish, and thus what to do. Now, you focus on enjoying your retirement or strengthening your organization’s core competencies and leave the administration business to M&M. After all, why spend your time managing your employees’ payroll and contracts, only to wonder if you are compliant with local regulations later? Protect your position as an employer from potential conflict. Why plan your life around when you have to stand in line and where? After all, you will probably just get sent to stand in a different one, but only after an hour or so. (more)

We at M&M Administrative Services integrate 15 years of experience in business and office administration, account management, supply chain, and distribution with a modern business model and a "can do" attitude. We are a Panamanian-American team that crosses the linguistic and cultural barriers; we speak the language, merge cultures, and provide the quality service an international community expects. Our goal is to provide customized professional services to the individual and small business in Panama at a reasonable price. We make administration – that thorn in your side – an afterthought. So, why not contact us now and tell us what we can do for you?

Services: Here at M&M Administrative Services, our motto is "What can we do for you?" We are here to provide the quality service that you request at a reasonable price. We, as strong critics of service ourselves, value competence, dependability, and transparency. That means our goal is to do the job correctly, on time, and with personal accountability. Below you will find an example of the wide variety of services that we offer, but let us know if you have something else in mind!

  • Employees: Having an employee in Panama can be complicated, especially if you are trying to simplify your life. Many people who live in Panama as retirees have employees such as domestic help, gardeners, or possibly construction workers if you are building or remodelling a home. According to Panamanian Law you (as the employer) and your employees must be registered with Panama's Social Security Administration, the "Caja de Seguro Social." It may be required, but it is also in the employer's best interest to maintain contracts with their employees, meaning one has to meet the requirements of and file at the Ministry of Labour, the Ministerio de Trabajo. There are also complicated payroll calculations such as vacation time, special recurring bonuses, sick pay, termination, and so forth. It is important to strictly comply with Panamanian laws and regulations in order to protect your interests (your money!) and avoid the possibility of legal entanglements. By using a professional administrative services management provider such as M&M Administrative Services you can minimize your investment of time, money, and stress in the above matters while we ensure your regularly compliance with the local laws.

  • Contracts: When the time comes that you want either a short term or a long term employee, you need to sign and file an employment contract. Do not worry about the idiomatic barriers and cultural differences. Put the terms of your agreement in a written contract in order to protect your interests, and let us file it to protect you. We draft basic contracts in Spanish and according to your party’s terms. We can create legal and valid employee contracts, private party transfers of property, and written agreements for things such as personal loans, etc. It is always best to protect yourself with the validity of a written agreement.

  • Accounting: If you have personal income in Panama from leasing property, a small business, or a corporation, you are required by law to file with and pay taxes to the The Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministerio de Economia y Finanzas, on a regular basis. We can expertly manage those requirements for you, draft and finalize the required documents to accurately report both your income and tax exemptions, and again, ensure your compliance with local law. Relax! Focus on your project or competencies and let us manage the ugly details for you.

  • Bill Payment: No one likes to stand in line to pay bills. And what happens if you get to the end of the line and there's a problem? Will you be able to understand what is going on and find a resolution to the problem? Why are they sending you over there, after they told you to wait here? There are many recurring bills that must be paid, mostly on a monthly basis. Your utilities, satellite or cable TV, phone, internet usually require monthly payment. You might also have other recurring payments, such as those for real estate projects, bank loans or mortgages or insurance policies. Some businesses are required to file and pay taxes either monthly or quarterly. You can either drive all over the town (or province!) to find these places and then stand in line, or you can let us do it for you.

  • Vehicles: Do you plan to bring a vehicle with you to Panama? Contact and contract us before you even book and ship! Upon arrival, our experienced personnel can do the leg work with the private parties involved and the local governmental agencies to get your vehicle – very briefly put – registered and on the road. Already have a vehicle? Let us take care of your annual inspections, taxes, and license plate renewals.

  • Boaters: Are you cruising Panama's beautiful Pacific or Caribbean waters? If you would like to stay for awhile, whether dockside, moored in port, or on anchor, Panama's Maritime Authority, the Autoridad Maritima de Panama, requires that you apply for and maintain a cruising permit. Even if you have a Panamanian vessel is not an exception; we are boaters too.

  • CanDock Floating Dock Systems: Do you have a personal watercraft, dock, or waterfront project? Maybe you have an aquaculture business or are dealing with a dramatic Pacific tide swing? Ask us about a durable, versatile, fully-customizable floating dock solution for both work and recreation.

  • VoiceRed VoIP Phone Service: If you need to maintain contact with your home country for business, or if you want an inexpensive, convenient way to maintain contact with the family back home, ask us about our VoIP phone service. Have the local number of your choice ring here in Panama! Want a Seattle, Washington area number for the grand-kids? Or maybe a number for business contacts in Lima, Peru? No problem! Let us know local phone number you want!

Contact Information: Why Wait? Contact us now or visit our website for more information!

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