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Wednesday, June 20 2018 @ 08:52 PM EDT

"Chito" Montenegro Says He Has More Corruption Cases To Report

Corruption By Denise Lara for Telemetro Reporta - The Secretary of the National Anti-Corruption Front, Enrique "Chito" Montenegro, said the ATTT corruption case, where allegedly 200 taxi permits were issued irregularly, would not be the first corruption case of the current government. "I have in my possession more than five cases of acts of corruption which will reach president Martinelli, once he returns from his European tour," he said. When speaking on the theme of the ATTT scandal, Montenegro requested today that if the irregularities are proven, then the officials involved should be dismissed and the corresponding complaints should be presented before the Public Ministry for investigation. Montenegro said on RPC Radio the Director of the ATTT, Sandra Escorcia, should "submit this very week the dismissal of the officer as well as a formal complaint before the Public Ministry in order for him to be punished for not having complied with the law." (See Comments)

Editor's Comment: Enrique "Chito" Montenegro is a long-time politician who has more recently dedicated his activities to fighting acts of corruption in government. His "National Anti Corruption Front" is really pretty much a one man show. If you want to attend a meeting, just show up at the Prado on Via Argentina and sit down for a cup of coffee, pretty much any day during the week. There you will hear wide ranging discussions over who's screwing who, what's really going on (according to them), and details on the sometimes hidden backgrounds of some of Panama's most public personalities. If Chito Montenegro says he has five more cases for investigation, then he most likely does. The difference is that with Ricardo Martinelli he wants to present them directly to the President. With the PRD he went to the press. Anyway, he's been a perennial "ankle biter" that every administration has had to deal with, for years.

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