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Tuesday, March 30 2010 @ 05:30 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

Update: 30 March 2010: The 12,000 BTU Samsung split air conditioner in my office started acting up again. It would run for awhile, then it seemed like something would "heat up" and it would turn itself off, after about 45 minutes. I called my good friends at AC Express and they were there within 20 minutes. They swapped out a capacitor (which they had in the truck) and I'm good to go. These guys do all of the repair and maintenance work on the AC units in my home and office. They know what they are doing, they're competent, fair, fast, and reasonably priced.

The hot and humid tropical Panamanian climate can be hard on buildings, structures, machines, and appliances. Regular maintenance is important, especially for air conditioning units, and it can mean the difference between having to pay a small fee for upkeep now, or a lot of money later to replace a damaged or destroyed unit when it finally breaks down. People have a tendency to forget about or ignore their air conditioning units as long as they keep working, and once they go "kaput" then the lack of air conditioning constitutes an immediate emergency. The tropical and humid climate is very tough on air conditioning units, which work hard all day long to keep your working and living spaces comfortable. Experts recommend regular cleaning and maintenance every three months for frequently used units, and every six months for infrequently used units. Cleaning your A/C units regularly makes sense for several reasons: it extends the useful life of the unit, increases efficiency, reduces electrical consumption, and improves air quality which can prevent allergies and diseases. If you wish to quote the service of maintenance or repair for you A/C units, contact AC EXPRESS today and start breathing cleaner air. AC EXPRESS, S.A. Tel. 270-0233 Cel. 6112-0339 or 65858483 Email (Editor's Comment: these are the guys that keep the split AC units in my home and office running. Tell then "Mr. Don" sent you...)

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