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Wednesday, August 27 2014 @ 05:05 AM EDT

Criminal Court Orders Arrest of Former Police Chief Reeder

Drug TraffickingBy Grisel Bethancourt for La Critica - The judge of Panama's Sixth Criminal Circuit Court, Rubén Royo, ordered the arrest yesterday of the former Chief of Security of the Mayorship of Panama, Edgardo Reeder Gonzalez. The case against him for drug trafficking charges was initially dismissed, but on appeal that dismissal was overturned and he was sentenced by the Second Superior Tribunal to nine years and eight months in prison. That decision is currently on appeal before Panama's Supreme Court. Reeder accepted that he is a personal friend of the Mayor of Panama City, Bosco Vallarino, and he acknowledged that he was arrested, but says he now leads a clean life. When he was arrested he was a member of the PTJ who had only finished high school, but he says he overcame the obstacles before him and he is now a professional. (Editor's Comment: A professional and a lawyer who still has about five years to serve in prison for trafficking cocaine.)
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