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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 03:14 AM UTC

Website Traffic Report - End of September 2009

What is PG? By DON WINNER for - Welcome to October 2009, representing the start of Fiscal Year 2010, or the fourth quarter of 2009, depending on how you look at things. With the end of September of course it's time for me to look at the levels of traffic to the website, as is my custom and habit. September was a good month, not great, but not bad either so I can't complain. In plain English, about 75,000 different people made about 164,000 visits to the website this month, and they looked at more than 1.7 million web pages of information. To be more precise, the actual numbers were -
  • Unique Visitors - 74,941 or 7.7% increase over Sept 2008 (Record - 87,616 in May 2009).

  • Visits To The Website - 164,351 or 10.1% increase over Sept 2008 This represents 2.19 visits per unique visitor. (Record - 173,845 in May 2009).

  • Page Views - 1,721,451 or 16.1% increase over Sept 2008. This represents 10.47 page views per visit to the website. (Record - 2,076,444 in May 2009).

  • Hits To The Server - 8,725,442 or 19.4% increase over Sept 2008. This represents 48.95 hits per visit to the website. (Record - 9,148,192 in May 2009.)

  • Bandwidth - 192.82 GB or 44.8% increase over Sept 2008. This represents 935.34 KB per visit to the website. (Record - 198.70 GB in August 2009).

Additional info and graphs follow... (more)

Primarily for Current and Future Advertisers: I often send these kinds of articles to current and potential advertisers to give them an idea of the levels of traffic to the website. It's important to them to know exactly how much exposure their advertisements will receive. And while 99.9% of my readers are not advertisers, I suspect the rest of you might be interested as well. For example, it also seems to me that traffic patterns to the website somewhat shadow the economic activity in the US and Canada, and the levels of interest in investments in Panama.

And S Shaped Curve: I've noticed a trend that seems to repeat every year. I get a run up of traffic starting from January to May, with increases every month. Then traffic drops off in June and July, the hottest summer months in the United States and Canada. Then the run-up starts again in August and continues through October, with a drop again heading into November and December. This pattern has held true for four years now, with significant increases in any one month when compared to the level of activity for the same month from the previous year.

Annual Graph from 2008: You can clearly see how this s-shaped curve develops during the course of 2008. I just went and looked at the charts from 2007 and it's there, but not as clearly defined.

Through Sept 2009: It seems to me the same pattern that developed in 2008 is repeating thus far in 2009. I don't know why, exactly, but I suspect it has something to do with the vacation and travel patterns of our readers, sort of like web surfing activity as a reflection of the interests and travel plans of the demographic. With regards to setting records for traffic to the website, there's a tendency to set records in May and October of every year, with significant increases in every other month when compared to the previous year. For example, the individual categories of information as presented in the above charts are hard to read, if you want to see the amount of grown year on year by any individual month. Basically, those two charts above look pretty much the same. But if I do this, and create a chart that shows the growth of traffic year on year for a particular month...

Now You Can See The Growth: So in spite of the global economic crisis and the slowdowns in the Panamanian real estate markets, traffic to the website continues to grow. Obviously not as much as during the heat of the boom, but growth none the less. I would say growth in traffic to the website seems to be mirroring somewhat the overall growth in Panama's GDP for some reason - at least on ratio. This chart reflects Unique Visitors only - the most important number for any website. This is the amount of actual warm bodies that arrive at the door during the month, regardless of how many times they come back.

Same Thing, Visits This Time: The first chart reflects Unique Visitors, while this chart reflects the number of Visits made to the website by those unique visitors. You can see a repeat in the general pattern being developed in both charts. Again, a continuation of good growth overall. Not spectacular, but growth nonetheless.

And Finally, Page Views: In Sept 2009 we delivered more than 1.7 million web pages to our readers. Really. There's a ratio that develops between Unique Visitors, Visits, and Page Views, and you can follow that pattern and do the math to see how we quickly get up into some really big numbers for traffic and page delivery. We had a total of about 75,000 Unique Visitors. On average each Unique Visitor came back just over two times during the month, generating a total of about 164,000 visits. While on the website the average visitor looks at about eleven articles of information, so if you multiply 164,000 visits times eleven articles per, you get to our total of 1.7 million articles. I can tell you for sure no other English language news website is seeing anything even close to these levels of traffic. We are far and away the #1 source of English language news in Panama. Bar none.

The Webalizer Chart, For What It's Worth: This chart is generated by another stats program running on my server called Webalizer. I don't like this program that much, primarily because it's less specific, or maybe I just don't like the way the information is presented. Anyway, the primary program I've been using for years is AWStats, and this Webalizer thing is just a secondary source of information. You can still see the same patterns reflected in this chart in any case.

The Gold Chart: This chart is generated by one of the third-party services that I use called This chart always messes me up a little because they call unique visitors "visits" which is just a difference in terminology compared to the AWStats program. Anyway, they showed 91,460 unique visitors or about 16,500 more than the AWStats program running on my server. The difference is that SiteMeter counts all traffic, while the AWStats program filters out hits and traffic from bots and web crawlers from places like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, or what have you. I get crawled a lot because I update the website every day, so they have to come back often to see what's new.

SiteMeter Country Share: This is a chart generated by SiteMeter that I really like, and I find it to be valuable information. As you can see, 48% of my traffic is coming from the United States, 25% from Panama, and 8% from Canada. These numbers fluctuate somewhat during the year, and over time it works out that about half of our traffic goes to the US and about one third to Panama, with the rest divided all over the place. Interestingly the United Kingdom is now on the chart with 2% of the total traffic, and six months ago they were hardly even registering. That's good news.

Until Next Month: If history holds true then October 2009 should be a record month for traffic. We have never seen a negative month, year on year. In other words since launching the website in August 2004, we have seen solid, steady, and continuous growth over time, and we have never had any month with less traffic than the same month of the previous year, which is a very good thing. For advertisers that means if it made sense to advertise last year, and this year, then it will make even more sense to advertise next year. Panama Guide - the Elephant Grass of Panama Websites - no matter what, we just keep growing...

Copyright 2009 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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