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Friday, August 23 2019 @ 10:39 pm EDT

PaNETma for High Speed Internet Service in Panama

Internet & TechnologyBy DON WINNER for - You might remember how earlier this year I finally got fed up with Cable Onda's absolutely unacceptable levels of customer service for Internet and basically threw them out on their ass. I switched to PaNETma and have been enjoying flawless high speed service ever since. I just recently spend abut a week and a half in New York. While I was there I got an email from the guys at PaNETma who were letting me know that apparently my service had gone down, and they wanted to see if there was anything they could do. I told them it would have to wait until I got back, and upon my return I quickly determined that my Internet connection was toast. While I was gone apparently a power surge or a lightening strike or something fried the antenna (my bad, no UPS or surge protection.) The guys from PaNETma came over as soon as I called them and I was up and running in minutes. Anyway, I'm still a highly satisfied PaNETma customer. Here's a few comments from others as well;
  • "It is very difficult to get a stable internet connection with any kind of speed in Panama. I have probably tried them all at one time or the other. Panetma is my current provider and am recommending them to everyone i see. Speed, reliability and gringo customer service. I will never forget Cableonda's response to me when i was complaining that i was receiving only half the speed i was paying for. My spanish stinks, so I had my secretary/interpreter take over the phone to see if i was hearing the response right. It translated just as I thought: "Senor, you get what you get!!"

  • "WOW for Panetma. If you need high speed (2mb and above) they have so far been head and shoulders above the others. Gringo-like customer service and the up time has been 100%. The speed consistently measures right on and sometimes above the mark. In fact, it has been nothing short of amazing. I am in Obarrio by the way." Mike B., Obarrio

  • "I have panetma hooked up right now. These guys showed up to hook me up the day I called, arriving an hour before they anticipated (they called to make certain it was ok). They were throrough and professional and have answered and worked with my difficult schedule since. The service works quite well, seems as fast as my business service in Cincinnati, Ohio. This enables me to run almost 70% of my stateside job duties from PC, so I am thrilled. I highly recommend Panetma." Stephen M., El Cangrejo

  • "Hi roman, first your internet service is great – thanks – so much so friends of ours from Ontario are wanting to move to panama, buy a place in cerro azul and hope that you provide service in that area as they know how much we enjoy it – do you offer service there? Can you? " Thomas D., Costa del Este

I'm Sold: As far as I'm concerned, for high speed Internet service in Panama, there's PaNETma, and then there's everyone else. Having a stable and high speed connection to the Internet is absolutely critical for me because my business depends on that connectivity. PaNETma works for me.

Copyright 2009 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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