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Friday, May 24 2019 @ 01:33 PM UTC

Cops vs. Drug Traffickers Shootout in Bocas del Toro

Drug Trafficking By Leonardo Machuca G. for La Critica - The shootout occurred in Bocas del Toro. One Honduran was killed and a Colombian was arrested as the outcome of a shootout that occurred in the early morning hours yesterday between officers of the National Police who were in a patrol boat and drug traffickers who were on a launch. The shootout occurred in Bocas del Toro near the community of Kusapín. The drug trafficker's boat had four 200 horsepower engines, and the authorities found 60 kilos of cocaine, an AK-48, and 15 fuel tanks. It is suspected that part of the drug shipment was thrown into the sea. (Editor's Comment: There are people who walk up and down the remote shores of Panama's coasts, hoping to find bundles of cocaine that have been tossed overboard by drug traffickers for one reason or another. There are stories of very poor people living in very remote areas who suddenly stumble into many thousands of dollars as a kind of "finders fee" for these bundles. This article is correct - finding only 60 kilos in a boat like this is light. Normally they would have 300 kilos or more. Anyway, the drug war is alive and well in Panama. And, if you happen to be wandering down a remote stretch of beach somewhere, don't be surprised if you happen to stumble into a large floating bale of blow...)
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