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Monday, April 22 2019 @ 10:42 PM UTC

John Keith and Promerica Bank - 60% Owners of Aeropost

Internet Shopping and Mail Forwarding By DON WINNER for - Last week I tried to contact a man named John Keith, the CEO of the "Banco Promerica" in Costa Rica, after I found out that James Fendell in Miami sold part of his business several years back. In fact, James Fendell owns 40% of Aeropost while John Keith and Banco Promerica own the other 60%. I had one simple question - does John Keith know about the bullshit games and unethical tactics being used by James Fendell in his attempt to destroy Airbox Express (Aerocasillas) in Panama by stealing their customers and sequestering the mail in Miami? My though was that maybe, just maybe, James Fendell was running wild and doing crazy and stupid shit, while John Keith had no idea that these things were going on.

As they say, silence is deafening. I got no response whatsoever in my repeated attempts to contact John Keith directly in Costa Rica. I made telephone calls, spoke to his assistant, left voice mail, and nothing. Today I learned that earlier this week judicial authorities in Panama made an inspection of the facilities Aeropost are now using in Panama City, and guess what? Their offices are located in the St. George's Bank building, which is actually the same as the "Banco Promerica" in Costa Rica (and therefore, John Keith.) One of John Keith's primary managers has been moved from Costa Rica to Panama to run the new Aeropost operation here - unfortunately she's here on a tourist visa and is working illegally (whoops!) Complaints to be filed soon. Also, the judicial inspectors found that Aeropost is operating in Panama illegally, without a commercial license, or a courier's license, both of which are required for this kind of business. What's more, they found all kinds of evidence to indicated that the Aeropost people have literally stolen things like documents, forms, and even delivery routes that they are using to (illegally) deliver packages to their (stolen) customers. And finally, who is delivering those packages? The messengers who actually work for St. George's bank, which is in reality Banco Promerica and John Keith.

And who is John Keith? I just want to make sure Google know's we're talking about the same dude - isn't SEO a wonderful thing?

  • Mr. Keith is the Managing Partner of Caribe Hospitality. Mr. Keith is also a senior executive in Promerica Financial Corporation, a network of commercial banks in Central America. He has been with the Promerica Group since its foundation 15 years ago. He has over 23 years of banking experience in Costa Rica and Central America.

  • Mr. Keith is also a principal partner in Portafolio Inmobiliario S.A, a leading real estate developer in the region. He has been involved in setting up the joint venture in Latin America for Payless Shoe Source.

  • Mr. Keith was born in Costa Rica 44 years ago; he is based in Costa Rica and has a BBA from the University of Michigan.

This afternoon there will be another hearing in the 11th Circuit Court in Miami, and I suspect the outcome will go resoundingly in favor of Airbox Express (Aerocasillas.) The damage caused by these scumbags, James Fendell and John Keith, is considerable and it will take years to recover. I suspect that eventually the judicial authorities in Panama will also decide in favor of Airbox as well, and those (scumbags) who are responsible will be made to pay for their actions and their exceptionally poor business decisions. Nothing short of shameful...

Copyright 2009 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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John Keith and Promerica Bank - 60% Owners of Aeropost
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, November 05 2009 @ 04:26 PM UTC

And yet todays (5 Nov.) La Prensa on line is carrying an ad for Aeropost!!!