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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 02:58 am EDT

Pangea -- Gourmet cuisine...fine spirits...soft music

Food & Drink “Where the World Comes Together” - “Pangea”, which comes from Ancient Greek pan meaning "entire" and gaia meaning “Earth", was the supercontinent that existed 250 million years ago, before the continents were separated into their current configuration. Pangea Panama was born of a collaborative decision to create a space that was tropical in design, lifestyle and culinary delights that encompassed the “Entire Earth”. What better place to celebrate the Entire Earth than Panama, crossroads of global commerce? Six unique and distinctive areas host you on a global tour of the tropics. Pangea offers "an ambiance of unrivaled elegance" seven days a week. Customers can use the free wifi, enjoy our quiet and private meeting rooms, smoking terrace, fine Cuban and Panamanian cigars, as well as valet parking on weekend evenings. Escape the craziness of Calle Uruguay and Amador to enjoy the sanity and tranquility of El Cangrejo. We offer Happy Hour prices Monday through Friday from 5 to 7, 2 for 1 drink prices. Pangea ( is a quiet upscale restaurant with a club atmosphere where you can come for a drink, stay for a meal, smoke on the two terraces and enjoy a quiet dance with your partner. We host private parties in our private disco with a DJ for group events. (more)

Asia: You first encounter the Singapore Bar, an homage to the world-famous Raffles Hotel founded in Singapore in 1887. Harkening back to the British Empire of the late 1800’s, with hand carved wood detailing, antique brass railing and a Punkah fan swaying overhead, Pangea’s Singapore Bar is a classic pub comprised of two sections; the Long Bar and the curved Artist’s Bar where exhibits of original art are displayed.

Caribbean: Dine in the La Habana Room where you are transported back to Cuba of the 40’s and 50’s when Mambo and Salsa ruled the music scene. Vintage record album covers, travel posters, cigar label art and musical instruments create the perfect backdrop for sampling Mojitos and gourmet food.

East Africa: Experience a safari lodge in the Nairobi Room where you can enjoy cold drinks and exotic tapas under a mosquito net within a bamboo enclosure surrounded by the striking colors and crafts of Kenya’s Masaai tribespeople.

North Africa: A Moroccan oasis awaits you in the Marrakesh Room where you can lounge under a silky tent embellished with hand painted tiles, miniature date palms, ornately carved furniture and rich tapestry pillows.

South America: Experience the riotous mixture of color, music and dance that is Brazil’s Carnival in the Rio de Janeiro Disco, and experience our state-of-the-art sound and light system.

Indian Sub-Continent: Relax to the sensuous sounds of the bamboo waterwall in the Oriental ambiance of the Bombay Patio. Tropical landscaping, embroidered textiles and flickering candlelight create an atmosphere worthy of an Indian Maharaja.

All six areas of Pangea are equipped with sophisticated audio/visual systems allowing an individual and customized experience of film, music and videos.

Three of the rooms, Nairobi, Marrakesh and La Habana, can be reserved for VIP purposes, whether it’s a private business luncheon or a special evening social event. Each VIP room is equipped with a 42” plama screen TV and an iPod-ready sound system. Do you have a favorite movie or music video you’d like to view? We can accommodate you with our in-house library of content or bring your own jump-drive or DVD.

Additional Details about the new Pangea in El Cangrejo: Pangea invites the discriminating diner to escape the crowds, traffic, and noise of Calle Uruguay or the Amador to enjoy the tranquility of El Cangrejo in an "ambiance of unrivaled elegance" seven days a week, from 11:00 am to 2:00 am. Happy Hour prices are offered Monday through Friday from 5 to 7, 2 for 1 drink prices. Please visit our website at


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