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Monday, April 22 2019 @ 10:05 PM UTC

Aeropost - Operating Illegally in Panama and Advertising on La Prensa's Website

Internet Shopping and Mail ForwardingBy DON WINNER for - John Keith, the Executive President of the Banco Promerica in Costa Rica, together with James Fendell of Aeropost in Miami, are illegally operating a mail forwarding business in the Republic of Panama. A recent inspection by Panamanian judicial authorities revealed Aeropost does not have correct and proper commercial licenses and permits, nor the specific courier licenses required to operate the kind of business they intend to run in Panama. Aeropost simply saw what they perceived to be an opportunity to literally steal customers away from Airbox Express (Aerocasillas) so they "dove on the football" so to speak. Well, as time goes by it seems that what appeared to be a nice, fat, juicy fumble for the taking was actually more like a hand grenade in disguise - they dove on it anyway and now it's going through the process of a slow-motion explosion. John Keith dispatched several of his key people from Costa Rica to Panama who were supposed to set up operations here - but in fact those people are in town as tourists and they are now working illegally, without proper working permits from the Panamanian Ministry of Labor. Now that these things are being formally and officially denounced to the Panamanian authorities, John Keith and James Fendell are pulling back somewhat - they are now conducting their customer support and call center operations in Costa Rica rather than Panama. The company itself is also operating illegally - without permits or commercial licenses. The company is in fact relying on the existing network, infrastructure, and even employees of the St. George's Bank in Panama which is also owned by John Keith and the Promerica group from Costa Rica. And since Aeropost is advertising on the La Prensa website, I called my contacts at La Prensa yesterday to let them know they are taking advertising dollars from a (scumbag) company who is operating illegally in Panama, trying to build a business in this country by stealing customers and hijacking packages and mail from the customers of a from a long standing and highly respected, existing Panamanian company, Airbox Express (Aerocasillas.). These Aeropost dirt bags are going to spend a lot of time having to find people who either have no clue as to what they have been pulling (don't worry, I'll let them know) or other's who can live with the after taste. Expect a press conference in Panama City soon. There are still a handful of people left who don't know what they did, but that won't last much longer. Oh yeah, also expect the court decision from Miami next week as well. These guys make me want to puke.

Copyright 2009 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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