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Monday, April 22 2019 @ 10:22 PM UTC

FAQ: Will Panama Be All Screwed Up On Mother's Day?

Why Panama & Frequently Asked Questions By DON WINNER for - Received today via email: "Hi Don - I love reading Panama Guide! Thanks for providing this great service. I will be visiting Panama City beginning Dec. 7th, and am trying to find out if the shops in Panama close for the Mother's Day holiday. Will I be able to shop on the 8th? How about trying to catch a bus to Bocas del Toro? Will the buses be filled with holiday travelers? I'd appreciate your best guess on what to expect. Thanks, Joyce." This year mother's day, the 8th of December, falls on a Tuesday. As such it won't work for a long weekend, so therefore there probably won't be many people traveling or abandoning Panama City en mass such as they do for the Independence Day celebrations, Christmas and New Year, carnival, or holy week. And if I remember correctly I think most shops and stores will be open on that day, but government offices will most likely be closed. Also, there might be a few more passengers than normal on the buses to the interior, but not so many as to make getting a seat impossible. Best of luck.

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