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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 02:49 am EDT

Martinelli Administration Will Exploit Copper Deposits in Cerro Colorado

Gold & Mining By Mary Triny Zea for La Prensa - The potential mine in Cerro Colorado - which contains one of the largest copper reserves in the world - located in the Ngäbe Buglé reserve, will in fact be developed the Government of Panama confirmed. This project, in the same way as the Petaquilla gold mine has been advanced, will allow for further development in some of the poorest areas of the country, which is why the residents of the area should view this project in a good light, said Panama's Vice Minister of Commerce and Industry Ricardo Quijano, who added that there will be no damage as the environmentalists are saying, because Cerro Colorado is already a "barren hill." "One thing is a contract that does not favor the state (as in the case of Petaquilla), but we can not eliminate it. With Cerro Colorado we are going to do it in a responsible manner so that the mine generates much more wealth and payments for the state," he said. His words angered environmentalists, who said that "even if it is a barren hill it still has great ecological value." They are not examining the economic, ecological, and social consequences of the project, criticized environmentalist Demetrio Miranda, noting the watershed of the San Félix river and other tributaries are located in the area. The Center for Environmental Advocacy said you not only have to see if there are trees in the area to potentially be exploited; metal mining leads to acidification of waters and soil desertification, which in the future serve no purpose for other activities.
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