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Wednesday, June 26 2019 @ 12:31 AM UTC

Because Two Nuts Are Better Than One - Especially In The Sack

Expat Tales By DON WINNER for - Hoo-boy. Sometimes simple things snowball. I received the following today via email: "How dare you write such a salicious article and use Jerry's photo WITHOUT PERMISSSION! I'm still married to Jerry and your article is having an impact on My Life as well as the life of my 10 year old son! You have no right whatsoever to do this- Jerry does not even live in Panama anymore, don't you have anything better to do with your time! I'm seriuosly upset and agravated by this and am going to talk to an attorney asap. Jennifer Hall." Jennifer, you have the right to remain upset and aggravated. When you talk to your attorney, you might want to bring a copy of "Doctor Jerry's" PhD diploma from "Harbard" University. But you know, Jennifer Hall is still out there on the Internet, specifically on the website "Doctor Jerry" set up while he was down here running scams - specifically You know I wasn't going to go into all of this in full, but what the hell. Since the good Doctor Jerry Hall want's to run for public office, let's go back and wring out some of the old dirty laundry from Panama, shall we? Let's see, it all starts when Jerry got the fine idea of setting up a school for gringo kids in Panama. I remember like it was yesterday... (more)

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The Many Faces of Dr. Jerry Hall: I'm going to keep this simple and concise, and try not to get sidetracked by all of the miscellaneous bullshit. This stuff dates back to December 2006 so it's a little crusty. As a matter of fact I'll just do it in bullet format to keep things simple:

  • "Doctor Jerry" Came up on one of the Google groups, promoting the idea of starting a private school in Panama. He basically asked "does anyone think that might be a good idea?"

  • Almost immediately he got a response from a person supposedly named Vivian Albright. Supposedly, Vivian Albright was just another person on the chat group, but in fact Vivian Albright is "Doctor" Jerry Hall's mother. He simply established an email account in her name and started using that account to post responses.

  • His goal was simple - as "Doctor" Jerry Hall he would post "Do you think it would be a good idea to start a school in Panama?" and then as "Vivian Albright" he would post something like "yes, that's a great idea, tell me more..."

  • The moderators of these groups generally frown on this kind of thing, and "Doctor" Jerry was simply manipulating the situation to his own benefit.

  • So far that's pretty benign, right? However Clyde Jenkins picked up on the fact that "Doctor Jerry Hall" and "Vivian Albright" were actually the same person. As a matter of fact here's the clip that nailed it...

    • "...Survivors include his wife of 50 years, Vivian Albright of the home; two sons, Fred Albright, Jr., and wife, Donna, of Blue Springs, MO, and Jerry Hall and wife, Jennifer, of Panama City, Panama;..."

  • When Clyde Jenkins and Susan Guberman-Garcia started calling a spade a spade and starting asking some pretty basic questions about "Doctor Jerry Hall" - like, what school he graduated from and where did the title of "Doctor" come from - he lashed with unbelievable fury.

  • "Doctor" Jerry Hall first called me on the telephone and tried to convince me that Clyde Jenkins was a pedophile and that he had secret inside information on Susan Guberman-Garcia. He tried to convince me that he had access to a computer system belonging to the US government that allowed him to pull up otherwise secret police files and records on individuals. He said he could prove that Clyde Jenkins was a pedophile (which was a lie) and that Susan Guberman-Garcia's husband had been disbarred in California and that he was wanted by law enforcement (another lie.)

  • When I told him I didn't believe what he was saying, he took his accusations to Okke Ornstein. Ornstein only published the false accusations about Clyde Jenkins.

  • As a matter of fact and proof that what I'm saying about "Doctor Jerry Hall" is absolutely true, he still has slanderous and libelous information accusations about Clyde Jenkins posted on his website here: Since I know that the (not so smart) "Doctor Jerry Hall" will now run like the devil to pull this website down, allow me to republish the content in full:

    • Clyde Jenkins - Clyde Jenkins, suspected pedophyle, definate hatter of anyone more successful than him or more well known. Clyde Jenkins has used his computer as a weapon agains't many good people for his own desire to feel important. Living in obsurity in poverty and only sporting a computer and hanging around lots of children. Claiming he is a child lover, problem is ........ just that. We found that any and all information produced by this individual to be totally without validity and simply a fabrication of his demented dreams. Clyde Jenkins has more enemeys than Hitler had. There was one occasion where Mr. Clyde Jenkins, was setting at an open air restaurant and someone approached him and asked if he was Clyde Jenkins, after proudly admitting he was, the stranger, picked up Clydes Jenkins drink and tossed it in his face and proceeded to beat him senseless for wrongfully attacking him. Clyde Jenkins got on the web and cried and cried that his was a victim, nearly all of Panama was laughing at him in this situation and more started looking for him to do the same. Needless to say he has disappeared into the night from whence he came. Just like a crook that he is, he hides when the truth needs to be reported. The Crooks use this technique when they want to perform crooked acts, first they discredit the honest, then it looks like everything they honest person says is a lie. This is Clyde Jenkins motive HE IS THE CROOK DEALING ALL KIND OF SCAMS IN PANAMA, FROM LAND SCAMS TO INTERNET SCAMS TO ANYTHING THAT WILL MAKE HIM MONEY AND HIS PARTNER CHECK THEM OUT YOU WILL FIND THE CLOSE FRIEND OF HIS WHO IS RUNNING A WEB SITE THEN FIGURE IT OUT WHAT ARE THEY PROMOTING LAND DEALS IN PANAMA. A charltan in more ways than one Clyde is truly one of the most hated individuals in Panama. Clyde Jenkins, a local terrorist in Panama, a terrorist of mankind, a man who hates everyone and everything. I feel sorry for a person with so much hate in their heart that they feel compelled to try and destroy every person that moves to Panama. So don't go on any forums, find out for yourself, as most of these sites are not worth the time and the information is way out of date."

  • Now why would "Doctor Jerry Hall" write such a thing on his website? It's simple - because Clyde was smart enough to figure out that "Doctor Jerry Hall" was actually a fraud and a fake, and that his title of "Doctor" was complete and total bullshit. You can feel free to ignore the entire content of the rant he has on his website. Clyde's biggest offense is that he can be a cranky old dude sometimes, but he's been a steadfast friend to me for years, and he certainly didn't deserve what "Doctor Jerry Hall" and Okke Ornstein did to him.

  • Who Else is "Doctor Jerry Hall" Pissed Off At in Panama? Sandra Snyder. I don't know the details but I know that Sandra Snyder is or was the President of the Republicans Abroad organization in Panama. She is one of the most respected members of the English speaking expatriate community in Panama. However what I don't know is what happened between "Doctor Jerry Hall" and Sandra Snyder. I think he's trying to use intimidation and scare tactics to keep her quiet because she is in a position to expose him as the fake and fraud that he really is to the Republican Party in Texas. As a matter of fact, this is what "Doctor Jerry Hall" still has on his website about Sandra Snyder: See

    • Worst books Published about Panama

    • WORST BOOK IN PANAMA!!!!! - Living in Panama by who other SANDRA T. SNYDER. a total waste of money this is a completely out of date book references to Panama maybe 10-15 years ago. She doesn't tell the real truth and makes money telling people how wonderful Panama is without telling you what really goes on down there so she can sell her books. Have they helped anybody, doubtfully, plus nothing new in over 10 years, just reprinted the same crap and claimed it as a new writing. ANOTHER BIG JOKE. Her experience at writing is limited to, quoted from the front cover of her book, to "Short Stories: The Disposal, (wonder what that's about, her wish to have one in Panama), Rainbow Dragon (Got to be Drug experiences due to her age, 60's child), and the all time Favorite of mine "The Pea*censormode* Feather" and Little Cornflower, what well known author would even name their stories this, unless they were writing about children and since she has never had any that we can find no experience there either.. WOW what literary experience that must have been!

    • NEXT WORST BOOK IN PANAMA: Spies, Crooks and Others Along the Way by Sandra T. Snyder Published by Tantoes, S.A. (not even a creditable publisher Her own Company) Book Review, .

    • Sandra Synder's two books are inaccurate and poorly-written, and her comportment barely oozes up to the level of an anemic Anna Nicole. Her stooping so low for self promotion and scrambling over everyone to get attention and a few Shekels thrown her way shows how little class she has. Whether it is in selling her books as an executive of Who's New a legitimate, hard-working non-profit group where volunteers, working along side Sandra were called "silicon-enhanced and Barbie, with a child that's 'out of control' she used to sell her books (conflict of interest), or her lamentable Panama guide book that "recommended" a number of her favovrite businesses.

    • Did these 'recommended' agencies and companies pay money toward the publication of this so-called book? Which was in truth is simply a gilded telephone directory full of inaccurate facts about living in Panama.

    • If Sandra was paid by recommended entities, was this fact ever disclosed to her readers, Who's New, or the U. S. tax authorities. Of course, the royalties she earned, and all cash sales are taxable in the USA, I am sure were all reported to the tax authorities, like the cash door sales at ex-pat functions, clubs, and her recent book promotion at the Historical Society?

    • Sandra, let me conclude with this advice: Don't call others crooks or scam artists, unless you have the courage and the research to back it up! And then take a look at your own family, there are rumors flying about your husband and a business deal that wasn't so creditable and under the table. Remember, one finger pointed at others, causes the other fingers to point right back at you.

    • Sandra makes false statements throughout this book and tries to live an imaginary life, one of her statements was that some man was looking at her as he was undressing her with his eyes, by her picture in her book, I would find that hard to believe! I think this was Sandra's vivid imagination running away. Sandra takes real people, says horrible things about them, to promote her book and thinks that the wrath of true writing will not catch up to her. She tries to cover up her made up untruths by changing the names of innocent people, altering the truth and then proceeds to show her jealousy and discontent for others more reputable and respectable people than herself. This so called author tries to tell the scams in Panama; the biggest scam is that you pay $16.95 for this book. Quotes we have receive so far are as such "I started the book never finished it, it was just too boring", "I could clearly identify the people that Sandra makes fun of or attacks in her book, but she noticeably changed their name to protect herself and these people are nothing as she portrays in her fictional book". This Concoction of un-check; un-verified made up untruths is nothing more than a fictional attempt at creating a country of mystery and visiting her fantasies of life. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Gosh, I don't know what to call this book, not a novel, not an information guide, just short clips and slams of everyone she is jealous of. Another quote was from a Lady who said "It was obvious by her club association she was deceiving the people to get material for her book". She just makes up what she sees in her tainted mind and includes these quips in her book.

    • Recently I was contacted by one of her cronies now 2 people one acknowledge who he was the other did not, claiming to defend her, demanding that I remove this information, however when asked do you have the authority to make this demand, he could not answer. He went on and on how Sandra was a great person, obviously he hasn't been attacked yet or he doesn't know the true Ms. Snyder!! I offered to remove any material that was offensive once Sandra corrected her inaccuracies in her book, RESPONSE AS THEY SAY IN PANAMA NADA....., seems attacking others unfounded by Sandra doesn't apply when she is guilty of it herself, that's a different story. Sandra uses false names to protect herself from liable suits in Panama which can land her in Jail, but clearly the persons represented in her books can be identified by the real people. This woman verbally attacking a 3 year old child so she can sell more books, how can someone stoop that low to sell books, never having any children of her own, go figure? She recently was questioned at one of her BUSY if you can be busy in Panama total country has maybe 2 book stores, book tours by a true renowned author about her comments, again avoiding this issue. He was well aware of the people referenced in her book. Her comment was that she stood by the information in her book, never having check facts just made up more propaganda and published it. AGAIN DON'T WASTE YOU MONEY...........BUT MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL AVOID THIS WOMAN AT ALL COSTS........OR YOU TOO COULD FIND YOURSELF AT THE RECIEVING END OF HER MADE UP STORIES. Quoted from another reader "I avoided this woman because I too was fearful that she would include me in her book with misrepresented information".

    • Grammatical errors throughout this book, title of her book is Spies, Crooks and Others Along the Way, yet on the inside pages its "Spies Crooks, and Other Along the Way". Sandra Check your writing, she needs a better proofreader. Missed a letter there Ms. Snyder. Another Reference in her book is the use of another person's name to add to this intrigue was a woman looking at a photo of someone's collectable car "Claiming if he thinks I'm impressed with MY 13 year old car he is mistaken." I guess she missed that one as well should have been HIS 13 year old car. This character obviously name changed to protect her friend, obviously knew nothing about collectable cars a classic of any type. But this enhances Sandra's book to slam more people to make it more interesting I Guess! I wonder if the character even has a car or ridden in a collectable car, let alone seen one in person???

    • Further review of this poorly written book has uncovered that every Blonde in her book is a Barbie and awful, She names all women the same name then slams them into oblivion wonder why????? I need to learn to write since I don't profess to be a writer, but Sandra, wow educated as a writer, needs more lessons in writing and story flow, OH THERE IS NO STORY......Just attacks.

    • - PS. I don't profess to be this world class author as the above does so pardon my spelling and grammar.

  • Again, feel free to ignore the ranting crazy bastard in the basement. But there's nothing that pissed me off than a punk like this "Doctor Jerry Hall" and his efforts to use fear and intimidation to control others. Do you want a guy who would write this email elected to congress?

    • ----- Forwarded Message ----
    • From: Jerry Hall To: (snip)
    • Sent: Fri, December 11, 2009 8:27:56 AM

  • And where did THAT rant come from? On 9 December 2009 a person using the name "Polly Payne" posted the following comment to a blog site at: which you can see here:

    • December 9, 2009 at 8:41 AM | #1 Reply | Quote

    • Google Dr. Jerry Hall for his real history the last 10 years in Panama. Check on his diploma from Harbard School of Law and doctorate from Columbia State University – questionable spelling or something else?

    • Jerry Hall (R)

    • District 4 (Northeast–Sherman; part of Tyler)

    • BORN: Aug. 9, 1951, Denver, Colo.

    • EDUCATION: Metropolitan Junior College, 1970-71; U of Indiana, 1973-75; U of Houston, 1994

    • FAMILY: Divorced; one child (Huh? Jennifer?)

    • RELIGION: Baptist

    • MILITARY: None

    • OCCUPATION: Temporary-staffing-service executive

    • POLITICAL CAREER: Republican nominee for Texas House, 1992; sought Republican nomination for Texas House, 1994

    • ADDRESS: P.O. Box 1773, Rockwall 75087. Tel.: 214-772-3425 214-772-3425

    • Like the conservative Fourth District–which gave Clinton only 28% of its vote in 1992–Hall wants power returned to state and local governments. He also wants to replace the federal income tax with a national sales tax. But Hall may have a tough time differentiating himself from incumbent Ralph Hall, who, in addition to sharing a surname, shares some conservative views.

Finally, it's about time wrap this up. Please notice that the email above was written just about two months ago, and "Doctor Jerry Hall" even makes reference to the upcoming election. Interesting turn of events? I'll say. Now, I simply can't wait until the local media in Texas gets hold of all all this crap. As a matter of fact, let me send it to them. Now THAT would be what I would call an "interesting turn of events." Speaking of taxes, have you informed the IRS about all of the money you're making off of your GPS map business in Panama Jerry? WHAT? I COULDN'T HEAR YOU! Let me make a call to MY friends at homeland security. You know, Congressmen need to get a security clearance - and a copy of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" doesn't count.

That's Enough For Today: I'll go back to outing this crazy, manipulative, masquerading, power-hungry, lying, slanderous, PRICK tomorrow. Goodnight, biatch. Oh, speaking of that, I almost forgot about Jennifer. Read the article, and then go ahead and call your lawyer. And have a great night. C'ya.

Copyright 2009 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Because Two Nuts Are Better Than One - Especially In The Sack | 2 comments | Create New Account
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Because Two Nuts Are Better Than One - Especially In The Sack
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, February 05 2010 @ 11:52 PM UTC

He'd be more believeable had he graduated from Yule...

Because Two Nuts Are Better Than One - Especially In The Sack
Authored by: oldmanandthesea on Saturday, February 06 2010 @ 02:49 AM UTC

I must say that being described as "The most hated person in Panama" by Jerry Hall on his Retire2Panama scamsite is an honor that I truly cherish. If we are known by the company we keep and judged by who we have as friends and enemies, I am extremely proud to be listed as "Dr" Jerry Hall's worst enemy, it is a badge I will wear with great distinction.

Because I know that Jerry Hall will read this comment, I want to point out that the disclosures that I have made in the past are just a drop in the bucket. I guess it is now time to get to the real heavy shit regarding him, starting with his being a wife beater which will be documented by correspondence from three different people who had turned to me because I had the guts to unveil him in the first place. Each of them had refused to do anything because they were intimidated by him and knew how viscous he could be. How ironic that someone who claims to have initiated a program for dealing with spousal abuse amongst the Panama police could himself be a wife beater. Much, much more on this later.

Clyde Jenkins, the most hated person in Panama