Demand for Fish During Lent Driving Up Seafood Prices

Wednesday, February 17 2010 @ 04:47 am EST

Contributed by: Don Winner

With the start of Lent, Panamanians are stocking up on their supplies of fish and seafood. From very early in the morning, many shoppers will head out to buy Sea Bass and Corvina, the favorite fish in the Panamanian diet. Prices have remained relatively stable, thanks to monitoring that is in place by the Consumer Protection Authority since 12 February 2010. Medium sized Red Snapper can be had for $2.00 per pound. Small Corvina are about $1.75 per pound. In addition, Sierra and Cojinua are at $1.25 per pound. In the case of other seafood, a pound of shrimp can cost up to $4.50, red shrimp are at about $4.00 per pound. Shrimp prices are inflated thanks to a fishing ban that will remain in place until 11 April 2010. It is expected that the price of seafood could increase with the approach of Easter. (Source: Telemetro)

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