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Monday, May 27 2019 @ 12:20 PM UTC

Millions Paid To Company Linked to Pedro Miguel Gonzalez

Corruption The construction company Proyectos del Norte, S.A., which has a members of it's board of directors officials from the Panamanian National Assembly associated with former National Assembly Deputy Pedro Miguel Gonzalez, benefited from direct contracts awarded by the previous administration of Martin Torrijos worth more than $5 million dollars. But there's more - apart from the fact that the company's board of directors is comprised of people directly associated or connected with Pedro Miguel Gonzalez (a friend, a former driver, and a former bodyguard), Gonzalez received money from this company, according to documents to which La Prensa had access. Proyectos del Norte, S.A. - a company which operates from a family residence - obtained several contracts from the Ministry of Public Works and the Social Investment Fund worth about $5 million dollars during the last 18 months of the Torrijos administration. Gonzalez denied being a shareholder in the company and explained that the money he received in 2007 from Proyectos del Norte, S.A. was for the contracting of some heavy equipment he owned. "I've never been a shareholder of Proyectos del Norte, S.A.," he said. The largest direct contract awarded to Proyectos del Norte, S.A. materialized on 22 June 2009, just eight days before Gonzalez left office. The company was paid $3.3 million dollars to rehabilitate some roads in Chiriqui. The rationale used to bypass the requirement for an open public bidding process was for the "safety to the public and the State." (Source: La Prensa)

Editor's Comment: And thus, it begins. At least with this case we don't have to be worried that Pedro Miguel Gonzalez will run to hide in the United States somewhere. Venezuela, maybe... Remember, the case against Ernesto Perez Balladares started with a story that was published in La Prensa.

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