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Saturday, May 25 2019 @ 03:05 AM UTC

Government Will Spend $800 Million on Infrastructure Upgrades In Panama's Interior

Infrastructure UpgradesThe government of Panama is planning to spend more than $800 million dollars in the next four years on infrastructure improvements to develop tourism and they hope the result will be a great benefit for the people. The spokesmen and representatives from the different areas where these infrastructure projects are planned say the government should consult with the public to ensure they are necessary and to make sure they will not cause any kind of irreversible ecological damage. According to the Government's Strategic Plan for 2010-2014, the investment and regulatory changes in the tourism sector should be geared toward those destinations with greatest potential to eventually become world class luxury destinations. Among those areas where the government plans to immediately begin developmental projects are the coastal area south of Farallon and the Pearl Islands. Meanwhile, among the areas where projects are planned in the intermediate term include Isla Colon in Bocas del Toro and Boquete - these two areas are included in the Western Strategy. Finally, Pedasi and Santa Catalina are among the long-term opportunities, and according to the document these priorities came about as a result of the preferences of both luxury tourists, as well as the inherent characteristics of the destinations.

Angel Gonzalez Diaz, the Secretary General of the Bocas del Toro Alliance, said they are not against progress, but they are against projects that would destroy the natural resources of the province and negatively affect the development of tourism. "It is not true that all roads are good for the province, there are projects that we consider harmful to the region," he said. Diaz emphasized the projects should be consulted with the people who live in the region, and decisions should not be taken in Panama City without knowing what the people and the organizations who live there want. "In Panama things are always imposed upon us, and it is very important to consult with the locals," he said. Without hiding his anger said, "I do not know where they got the idea that we need so many roads, but they should fix the roads that already exist and stop creating more conflicts over the lands of protected areas. What we need is that the existing roads are of good quality." He added that "the Government should not further impact the area of the archipelago, but they should conduct some projects in Almirante to allow for more development and at the same time they should be complemented with projects in Bocas del Toro and Changuinola in the development of the whole province. For example, he cited one idea from the Bocas del Toro Alliance is that, instead of fixing the airport on Isla Colon, the government should construct a larger airport in the area of Almirante where there is much more space than on the island, and in this way it would help the region emerge from the economic depression currently affecting the area, he concluded.

Meanwhile, Nereida Moscoso, a private sector representative in Pedasi, said that for the moment the roads in the region are sufficient, but water treatment is urgently needed because there are several multi million dollar projects under construction in the region. (Source: Panama America)

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Government Will Spend $800 Million on Infrastructure Upgrades In Panama's Interior | 1 comments | Create New Account
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Government Will Spend $800 Million on Infrastructure Upgrades In Panama\'s Interior
Authored by: susangg on Sunday, February 28 2010 @ 04:23 PM UTC

They don't need a "study" to figure out what the Bocas islands need. Just ask anybody who lives around here:
1. Put in a decent water system and upgrade the delivery system too The water is often out, some areas almost never have service, and the water is contaminated.
2. Fix the power system. Power goes off in town all the time. The only way you can be sure to have electricity is if you live offgrid, like we do.
3. A town incinerator is needed to deal with mountains of trash
4. The sewer system needs to be upgraded, and sewer connections made mandatory for every property owner in the service area, with subsidies for those who truly cannot afford it (as opposed to those who simply don't mind letting their turds and other unpleasant waste products float into the water).

As for the airport, there is something that could be done fairly easily: Fix the damn toilets!

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