- Record Breaking Month for Website Traffic in February 2010

Sunday, February 28 2010 @ 11:34 am EST

Contributed by: Don Winner

By DON WINNER for - Traffic to the website increased by more than 53% compared to February 2009, representing excellent year-on-year strategic growth. We also broke two long standing traffic records this month, in the categories of "Pages Delivered" and "Hits To The Server." Every time a visitor reads an article that counts as one "page delivered." And, in order to create that page, "hits to the server" are generated. So to a certain extent these two categories go hand in hand. We delivered more than 2.6 million webpages to our readers in February 2010 (actually 2,605,349), shattering the previous record set during the presidential elections of May 2009. Along those same lines, smashed another record - in the category of "hits to the server" in a single month. The prior record was 9.1 million established during the May 2009 elections, and this month we saw more than 10.3 million hits (actually 10,357,517). Notably, we didn't break records in the categories of Unique Visitors or Visits, which means this month the people who came to the website had a tendency to read more articles on the site during their visit. We also had our second straight month with more than 100,000 unique visitors, according to the Sitemeter Gold Chart. There were three distinct traffic peaks this month. The first came during Sunday and Monday, 7 & 8 February, when the outing of the "Doctor of Fake" Jerry Ray Hall became public knowledge in Texas. The second peak was on Tuesday, 23 February, with the arrest of Daniel Moreno Melendez in the murder of Denise Mullen Hiller. And the third peak was yesterday with the earthquake in Chile and the Tsunami warnings issued for the Republic of Panama. The Tsunami turned out to be nothing, Jerry Ray Hall is still a wacko, and I wish the Denise Hiller story had never happened. Normally February is a slow month for traffic because with only 28 days the longer months have more time to rack up numbers. This month was an exception. Anyway, Gertrude says "Hi" and sends her best wishes for a happy month of March 2010.

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