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Wednesday, May 22 2019 @ 03:14 AM UTC

Luzdecor - Low Wattage Light Bulbs to Save Money

Construction & InteriorsLuzdecor would like to remind everyone of the importance of using energy saving light bulbs in both the home and office in Panama. As you already know, electricity is expensive in Panama. Our new MCT3 watt lamps are shaped like a torpedo, and the 2 watt MA2WW, along with the 3WG20 are all cold cathode compact fluorescent and should last up to 25,000 hours. The 3 watt torpedo and the G20 are both dimmable with a regular dimmer, and are designed to replace 40 watt incandescent light bulbs. These cold cathode lamps also do not generate hardly any heat whatsoever, therefore allowing the ambient air to be cooler which in turn allows air conditioning systems to operate more efficiently. This also helps dramatically in the electricity costs. And since these lamps last 4 times as long as conventional compact fluorescent lamps, they do not have to be changed practically at all. This also saves in the trips to the store, gas and time to replace the bulbs. Luzdecor in Panama City, carries a wide range of lamps, bulbs, and all kinds of lighting fixtures.

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  • Store Location: Luzdecor is located in Panama City on Calle 50, just past McDonald's on the right-hand side.

  • Telephone: +011 (507) 270-7412

  • Panama Fax: +011 (507) 270-7414

  • USA Fax Number: (772) 325-6405

  • HK Fax: +852-301-49505

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