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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 02:58 am EDT

Khiva Fine Rugs - Tradition. Quality. Beauty.

Construction & Interiors Khiva Fine Rugs - Welcome to the most diverse, distinctive and beautiful Oriental rug collection available in Latin America. Our large, comfortable showroom has hundreds of rugs of exceptional quality, beautiful craftsmanship and breathtaking design. Every offering is a work of art from the world’s most renowned rug makers, including Lapchi, Safavieh, Abbyson, Endless Knot Rug Company and Orient Express Rug Company.

Khiva has developed and introduced the Olga Sinclair Rug Collection inspired by the art of the internationally acclaimed Panamanian artist Olga Sinclair. Each rug in the collection is a one of a kind masterpiece reflecting the excellence of the rug maker’s art, and is available only at Khiva Fine Rugs in Panama.

In addition, Khiva gives you the freedom to design rugs to fit your taste, your home and your life with our custom design services. By offering over 200 patterns and colorways whose size, shape, texture, materials, weave, colors and design elements may be customized to suite your décor and style, Khiva Fine Rugs gives you a limitless array of decorating opportunities. You need look no further than Khiva Fine Rugs' spacious showroom to find exactly the right carpet to enhance, beautify and warm your space. (more)

From traditional Persian designs to cutting edge contemporary Tibetans, you will find what you are looking for at Khiva Fine Rugs. At Khiva, we pride ourselves on having an incredibly diverse and beautiful collection of rugs hand-knotted in Himalayan and New Zealand wools, luxurious silks and non-traditional fibers such as hemp, cashmere and leather. You will also find gorgeous, sexy shags in a rainbow of colors and textures that are sure to WOW and weather resistant enhanced polypropylene rugs from Belgium that will add to the splendor of your balcony or terrace. Please visit our showroom to see our continuously updated inventory.

Olga Sinclair: Khiva Fine Rugs proudly presents the Olga Sinclair Rug Collection. The collection is composed of one of a kind pieces all inspired by the work of the renowned Panamanian artist Olga Sinclair. Khiva and Sinclair partnered on the Olga Sinclair Rug Collection Project which took 18 months to bring to fruition and resulted in a collection of rugs which Panáma América Newspaper describes as, "exquisite examples of modern art".

To find artisans who were able to translate Sinclair's works on canvas to rugs, Khiva travelled to Nepal to find talented rug makers with the skill and vision necessary to accomplish the task. Khiva´s search was rewarded with the discovery of rug makers energized by the challenge who developed new techniques permitting them to "capture the flashes of light and composition of the artist's paintings."(Panáma América Newspaper)

Working closely with Nepal and Olga Sinclair, Khiva is bringing to Panama, a unique collection of rugs, including interpretations of the artist´s famous figures, still lifes (including Sinclair´s celebrated pears), abstracts, and other designs. All of the rugs bear Olga Sinclair´s distinctive signature and come with a certificate of authenticity and exclusivity. These rugs are available only at Khiva Fine Rugs in Panama City, the Republic of Panama. They are truly pieces of art for the floor.

Custom Rugs: Make Our Collection – Your Collection. A hand-woven carpet - expressly for you. Come to where rugs are made to order, one at a time, uniquely for you. In the beautiful and spacious Khiva Fine Rugs’ showroom, you will find a vast selection of adaptable designs inspired by textiles from the 14th century to the present from such diverse places as India, Spain, Japan, Austria, China, England, Turkey and France; together with samples of wool and silk of every imaginable color to match your fabric swatches and other design inspirations. In addition, Khiva gives you the ability to take your own designs and create a rug that is uniquely you.

Contact Us: Khiva Fine Rugs is located in the Obarrio neighborhood of Panama City, on Ave. Abel Bravo and Calle 57, in the Republic of Panama. Our telephone numbers are (507) 214-4563 or (507) 214-4567, Fax: (507) 214-4566. You can also contact us via email - or visit our website.

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