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Monday, June 24 2019 @ 01:48 PM UTC

Drug Seizures in Panama Out Pace Last Year

Drug TraffickingPanamanian law enforcement authorities have made several important drug seizures in recent days in various parts of the country. Javier Carrillo, the Director of the Judicial Investigation Department said so far this year the pace of seizures is surpassing that of 2009. In just the first two months of the year, authorities have already seized 5.7 tons of drugs, while last year during the same period authorities seized 1.9 tons. For Carrillo, this is a good sign, but also a warning sign. He said seizures have increased however crime related to drug trafficking as well as domestic consumption of drugs must be controlled. The latest drug seizure came on the upper coast of Colon, where there were dead and wounded as the result of a firefight between drug traffickers, to which Colombians were linked. They found 421 kilos of cocaine in one of the boats seized. The 5.7 tons of drugs were destroyed in an incinerator on Friday. And, authorities have yet to add the seizures made this week to the totals. (Source - Telemetro Reporta)

Editor's Comment: 5.9 tons of drugs seized in just the first two months (59 days) of the year works out to 193 pounds of drugs seized, every day, on average. However, the DIJ director is playing the numbers game a little. If this 193 pounds per day pace is maintained throughout the entire year, then Panama will end up with 70,445 pounds or 35.2 tons of drug seizures. Last year Panama seized more than 50 tons, so maybe they seized more in January and February, this same numbers game won't hold up for other months in the year which saw large busts last year. Whatever. It's all just bean counting anyway. The story is this - Panama seizes a lot of drugs. Got it.

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