There's A Special Place in Hell For Jerry Ray Hall

Wednesday, March 10 2010 @ 10:43 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

By DON WINNER for - Jerry Ray Hall has established a gonzo website in an attempt to continue his slanderous lies and attacks against myself and the others in Panama who have unmasked him for the fruitcake that the is. However, it takes a special kind of lunatic to fabricate horrendous lies about someone, such as trying to say my friend Clyde Jenkins is a pedophile. On his website Jerry Ray Hall has placed the words "Clyde Jenkins Conviction For crime with a child" above this photo:

But You Can't Read That, Right? Of course not, you're not supposed to be able to read it. I downloaded the image and zoomed in, and you can see it came from the Sex Offender's Registry in the state of West Virginia. When you go to that registry and do a search, you find a record for a 46 year old, 210 pound white male named CLYDE FREDERICK JENKINS JR. You can see that record for yourself, and I've included a screenshot below:

That's Not Our Clyde: In case you had any lingering doubts, I've posted a photo of "our" Clyde Jenkins that I took during a walkabout in Casco Viejo below.

The Truth Bothers Jerry Ray Hall: Yes, there happens to be a man named Clyde Jenkins in West Virginia who is a sex offender, and the "Doctor of Fake" Jerry Ray Hall knows full well that this is not the same man as Clyde Jenkins who lived in Panama, however in true "scumbag" form he's trying to twist reality in order to do as much damage as possible to his cyber-enemy. This kind of trick is the worst stunt anyone can pull in my opinion. When faced with the truth and facts, the nut-job Jerry Ray Hall creates vicious lies and slander about his enemies, with no regard whatsoever for the potential consequences. As a man who (falsely) claims to be a conservative Christian, this is truly despicable conduct. I have no idea how anyone could stand to be in the same room as this man. I hope that by now the entire community of English speaking expatriates in Panama knows exactly who and what he is. Anyone who supports his actions in anyway should be ashamed of themselves. He's crazy and dangerous.

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