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Thursday, April 26 2018 @ 08:49 PM EDT

Editor of Panama America Calls For A Deeper Investigation of Perez Case

Corruption"We all hope they would reach concrete results (...) but to say the documents did not appear and settle for that I find extremely sensitive," said Guido Rodríguez - editor of the Panama America newspaper, in a statement made on Channel 13 Telemetro Reporta, in speaking about the investigation into Gustavo Perez, after the Panama America published a report involving the current Director of the National Police with irregular activities. Rodriguez said that in the investigation into Perez's involvement with the alleged kidnapping and persecution of American citizens there are summonses which have not been made. "If there is a document that is posted on the website of Panama America, which has been corroborated by sources belonging to the former defense forces of the former National Police, it is logical that Attorney General Giuseppe Bonissi should conduct a visual inspection of the files of the National Police, and at least call to declare the people who signed the resolution, because it is known who they are," he said. The editor said this opinion is not only held by the newspaper, but it is also shared by people who are experts in criminal law. Yesterday, 11 March, journalist Santiago Cumbrera - who appears as the author of the news article - was summoned by the prosecutor to give evidence about his writing. Guido Rodriguez said that according to similar experiences, they instructed the reporter that during his testimony he should take advantage of the benefits provided by Laws Number 22 and 29 of June 2005, which establish and confirm the reservation of the source, because the questions being asked referred to how he obtained the information. The director of the Panama America reiterated that the evolution of the case "is not being provided in accordance with what should be an investigation as sensitive as this that affects the head of an institution in which all Panamanians have put their hopes in these times when there is a wave of violence that we all regret." (Source - Panama America)
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