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Monday, June 24 2019 @ 02:16 PM UTC

Martinelli Will Sign Tax Reform Into Law This Afternoon

Money MattersPresident Ricardo Martinelli said this afternoon he would sign the tax reform package recently passed by the National Assembly, and he made his remarks as he went to the General Tax Division (DGI) to make a payment on his taxes, which he admitted he made belatedly. At the same time he spoke about the concessions held by the companies PYCSA and ICA for the Northern and Souther Corridors, in which he said he does not understand what happened in these negotiations which are not correct, which harmed the country, because these companies will continue to manage the highways and they will never return to national control. With respect to the tax reforms Martinelli said that now big businesses will pay more, and he also said they just ordered the placement of "cell phone blockers" around the prisons in the country, and he also reiterated his unconditional support for the Director of National Police (PN), Gustavo Perez. (Source - La Estrella)

Editor's Comment: The "cell phone blocker" thing - prisoners in Panamanian prisons are not allowed to have or use cell phones. However, they are smuggled in so frequently that the government has basically given up trying to find them and confiscate them. They are now going to install these "cell phone blockers" - technology that will jam the frequencies and render cell phones useless. Martinelli also expressed his "unconditional support" for Gustavo Perez, so he's indicating that he doesn't think this whole issue is all that important, politically speaking, and he's willing to stick with Gustavo Perez for now. File? What file? Just like I thought, the whole thing is going to get swept under the rug, and the "investigation" is apparently for show only. Funny how the PRD is not calling for Gustavo Perez's head (because he's a PRD guy.) This Martinelli administration is a weird cocktail, that's for sure.

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