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Monday, June 24 2019 @ 01:14 PM UTC

"You Can't Stop Me Motherf***er, 'Cause I'm On A Boat"

Drug Trafficking By MATT KIELTYKA, QMI AGENCY - VANCOUVER - “You can’t stop me motherf***er, ‘cause I’m on a boat.” It turns out that – despite The Lonely Island’s best efforts – people can be stopped on a sailboat... especially when they’re carrying 1,001 kilograms of cocaine on board. That’s exactly what happened when the Canadian Forces alerted the RCMP to a suspicious sailboat that arrived in Port Hardy, B.C. March 6. When the 50-foot sailboat travelling from Panama was searched, police could barely believe their eyes. “This is a big seizure even for us,” said S/Sgt. Dave Goddard, of the RCMP’s Federal Drug Enforcement Branch. “To my knowledge there hasn’t been anything of this significant in the area in quite some time. It’s not the biggest seizure in Canadian history, but it is significant for this coast.” Solicitor General Kash Heed said the catch represents on of the biggest drug busts ever in B.C. “The amount of cocaine removed from the public hits organized crime hard,” he said. “By the time this reaches the streets, it’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars for criminals.” Victoria resident Scott Pedersen, 39, and Mexico’s Vicente Hernandez, 38, were arrested and have been charged with one count each of possession for the purpose of trafficking. Simon Fraser University criminologist Robert Gordon told 24 hours the bricks likely make up “a fair chunk” of the local drug trade. “That is a lot of cocaine,” he said. “You’ll likely see the price of the product go up now, at least for a short period. This is a significant haul.” He said the vast majority of the hard drugs that work their way up to Canada from South America are transported in trucks, but recent crackdowns could have sent traffickers looking for other options. “Some of the [trucking routes] have been disrupted so it has them resorting to old techniques, which included the sea,” he said. And despite the bust, RCMP are already waiting for the day they see another big boat coming their way. “There’s always a boat on the horizon,” said Goddard.

Editor's Comment: Oh my God. My sides hurt. "You can't stop me motherfucker..." What a classic line - the last great act of defiance. That's friggin' hilarious. I did some quick Google checking to see if Scott Pedersen had left any tracks in Panama and quickly came across Scott C. Pedersen, PhD (no relation) who has been "all over the place" investigating bats. He's a well known and respected scientist who "hates boats." I just talked to him on the phone - different guy from the drug smuggler, for the record. And, my email records indicate there are at least two couples with the last name of "Pedersen" living in Panama right now, and again, I have no idea if they are related to this guy. Anyway, if anyone knows this drug trafficking Scott Pedersen from the sailboat, please shoot me an email - - and thanks.

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