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Monday, June 24 2019 @ 02:28 PM UTC

"In Panama People Criticize For The Sake Of Criticizing" - Henriquez

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Roberto Henriquez - Minister of Commerce and Industry
Roberto Henriquez - Minister of Commerce and Industry
The Minister of Commerce and Industry, Roberto Henriquez, said this morning that "in Panama people criticize for the sake of criticizing." Henríquez said the criticism from representatives of some sectors is without basis. He said on the TVN morning news program that an example of this baseless criticism are those that arose when the government proposed holding public referendums or plebiscites. "We have just started to structure them and to study which would be the best manner to hold them (...) and there are those who immediately come forward to launch criticisms, the famous "intermediaries," Panamanians who for decades have appeared in the news media who claim to be genuine representatives of the Panamanian people," he said. He added those spokesmen from different sectors "abrogate the right to be speaking on behalf of the people, when in reality they are speaking on behalf of specialized sectors, which in turn have their own particular interests." Henríquez said this position is genuine in a democracy. "In a democracy there are political parties, unions and pressure groups." When Henríquez was asked what sectors he was refereeing to he said "we are talking about when you see someone who represents the FENASEP, the Conep, CONATO, and environmental groups, they are speaking legitimately, but they only represent particular sectors."

Editor's Comment: I hear you. I'm getting tired of seeing the same tired old horses on the television screen every time something happens. There are just a handful, maybe ten or twelve individuals, who the news media can count on the be out there bitching and complaining about whatever the government does. And, they will bitch and complain about anyone - the toss just as many stones at Martinelli as they did at Martin Torrijos. And Henriquez is spot-on. These people have their own best interests at heart, but they assume the position of being legitimate spokesmen for the entire Panamanian population, and the "pressure groups" or lobbyists are just trying to influence the debate.

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