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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 02:47 am EDT

"The Radical Left Wants To Take Over The Country" - Henriquez

Protests & DemonstrationsReactions to the clashes between protesting construction workers from the SUNTRACS labor union and riot police have been extensive, however Panama's Minister of Commerce and Industry Roberto Henriquez has a different view. According to Henriquez, the conflicts yesterday are part of the "eternal game being played by the radical left in Panama," which are nothing more than a game of provocation. Henriquez said that behind all of this is that if the social programs of the administration of Ricardo Martinelli are successful, then the thesis and plans of these socialistic groups "is diminished" so they do other things to try to gain power. (Source - Telemetro Reporta)

Editor's Comment: Interesting hypothesis. The SUNTRACS guys are extreme leftists, and they feel threatened by the potential for social successes of the Martinelli administration, and therefore they order their rank and file to go protest. Hmmm. Well, there's no doubt SUNTRACS is one of the paid-leftist organizations in Panama. They get money from foreign governments in order to try to destabilize the country. The only thing lacking are posters of Hugo Chavez - who does this all over Latin America - provide funding to groups like SUNTRACS to create problems and to stir up leftist rhetoric. I like the simpler theory. The government of Panama passed a "tax reform" package which raised taxes on many, and therefore the SUNTRACS decided to use that as a reason to protest in the streets. They really don't need much of a reason, and a tax increase will work just fine. Of the 227 SUNTRACS workers who were arrested, screening indicated 31 (or 13%) of those had outstanding wants and warrants, and they remain in detention in the holding cells of the DIJ for processing. All of the others have been released.

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"The Radical Left Wants To Take Over The Country" - Henriquez | 1 comments | Create New Account
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\"The Radical Left Wants To Take Over The Country\" - Henriquez
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, March 17 2010 @ 02:48 pm EDT

Just a thought how many of these construction workers are members of PRD?