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Monday, June 17 2019 @ 02:33 AM UTC

Education Minister Threatens to Sanction Teachers

Schools & EducationAfter receiving anonymous threats, hearing derogatory terms, receiving groundless charges and accusations, and claims from several school directors from around the country who have been victimized by different groups of teachers in the schools over the implementation of the project to transform the school curriculum, Panama's Education Minister Lucy Molinar said she would make use of all legal remedies allowed by the Constitution. Molinar said her administration is open to dialog but she will not tolerate that on a whim, a group of educators decide they want to "remain in the past century" and not catch up with the times, affecting the nation's student population. Molinar also called upon society to focus on the Panamanian students, recognizing that on the way they will meet resistance. The law states that sanctions could range from a verbal reprimand to dismissal, based on Decree 681 and 618 of the Organic Law of Education. (Source - La Estrella)

Editor's Comment: Lucy Molinar is trying to implement changes to the school curriculum for public (and private?) schools in Panama, and her efforts have been meeting stiff resistance from teachers' groups. Basically, there are a lot of teachers who are set in their ways and they don't want to have to change anything, learn anything new, or do anything different. And, I think Molinar is right - the effort should be focused on the needs of the students, not the desires of the teachers (to be lazy.)

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