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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 02:58 am EDT

Representative from Santa Ana Arrested for Drinking in Public

Crime & Punishment The Representative of Santa Ana, Jahir Martinez, who was arrested yesterday for allegedly disrespecting the authorities, denied the version of events being put forward by the National Police, and he announced that he would proceed legally against the institution for abuse of authority. Martinez claims the police proceeded against him unjustly, and that after he was held for six hours he was released without any kind of a file being opened against him. "I sat for six hours, handcuffed in the police station in El Chorrillo, and I still don't know what were the charges against me," he said, who showed the results of an alcohol test which came back negative. However, Deputy Police Commissioner Luis Ortega said on the Channel 13 television news program Telemetro Reporta that the police officers were responding to complaints from the community, and that the Representative was drinking alcohol in public. (Source - Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Feeling testy? Be very careful. The National Police in the Republic of Panama are legally authorized to "detain" practically anyone for any reason, and to hold them for as long as 24 hours for "investigation." They can also arrest you for "disrespecting authority" and haul you before a local Justice of the Peace (Corregidor) who will likely slap you with a $15 fine and let you walk - many hours later. Just be nice to the police officers who have a hard enough job already. This guy probably played the "I'm a mister big-shot politician so I can do whatever the hell I want" card - and for that he was reminded that the law applies to everyone. His case over alleged abuse of authority will likely go nowhere. Anyway, head's up.

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