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Monday, April 22 2019 @ 10:30 PM UTC

Horoscope for the Week of April 5 to April 11

There is a lot of baby potential brewing in the darkness of your psyche, Aries. It’s like a seed germinating in the depths of the dark, dark earth; very fragile but full of great possibility. Take care of your baby seed; send it positive thoughts and lots of love and it could turn into a new romance, or an exciting creative project. The choice is yours. Career developments need lots of focus and ambition, you will need to put some logs on the fire and intensify your drive. The slow and steady method works best. Also watch your own ego; it could get in the way of a good thing. It’s not just about you; it is also about the team you work with as well. Financially; overspending is a great temptation, especially when it comes to fun events. You want to do something lavish, but you will need to hide the plastic money away for this week. Treat yourself like a movie star, but avoid outings that require a lot of cash. Saturn; the teacher, dresses up in Virgo school-marm gear once more, which means that it is time to face old health issues. Have you been eating all your greens, Aries? Do you get enough exercise? If not, you’ll get a reminder that it’s time to change your ways.

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