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Sunday, August 25 2019 @ 10:30 pm EDT

National Coalition for Development Executive Secretary Resigns

PoliticsEscoffery Francisco's resignation from his post as the Executive Secretary of the National Coalition for Development, leaves in limbo the forum created in 2006. Although Escoffery claimed his resignation was due to "personal reasons" in the letter of resignation he sent to president, Ricardo Martinelli, members of the coalition say his departure is actually due to lack of support from the current administration. Anibal Culiolis, the representative of the Partido Popular in this forum, said Escoffery "did not see, did not feel, and did not perceive the support of the president of the Coalition and Vice Minister of the Presidency, Maria Fabrega." This situation, he added Culiolis, "puts this forum in a coma, mortally wounded." The truth is that Escoffery's exit comes after his failed attempt to open an office to install the Administrative Technical Secretariat - and after describing the problems he's been having - on 30 April before the members of the Coalition - on his failed negotiations with the Executive. Among these, a request made on March 8 to the administrative head of the Ministry of the Presidency, Carlos Orillac to publish the profiles of staff required for the Technical Secretariat, sustained Law 25 of 2008 which adopted the Verification and Monitoring Mechanism of coalition agreements. Vice Minister of the Presidency, Maria Fabrega, accepted the resignation. (La Prensa)
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