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Monday, June 17 2019 @ 02:59 AM UTC

Mexican Youth Gangs Associated With Dismembered Bodies in Panama

Drug TraffickingThe Office of the Assistant Attorney General was briefed on the possibility that Mexican gang members are responsible for the death and mutilation of two people whose cases were recorded in the last 15 days. Naphtali Jaén, the Assistant Prosecutor, said they have not been able to firmly establish this hypothesis thus far as part of their investigations, however they are analyzing the data that has been presented, and it is presumed that local Panamanian gangs have allied with international organized gangs. Meanwhile, the forensic medical report explained that Junie Edwin Cuesta Ibarguen, 18, died from suffocation. His body was later maimed. Authorities did not rule out the possibility that his death is related to the murder of Manuel Hernandez Arosemena, whose dismembered body was found on 28 April on Ave. Mexico in Calidonia. Jaén explained that both bodies were found in bags with similar characteristics. Meanwhile, the authorities have failed to locate the killers. Cuesta's body was found on Thursday in Altos de Curundú. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Killing your rival and hacking the body into parts and pieces simply is not the Panamanian "style" of doing things. One of these is bad enough, but two in two weeks, in the same general area and using the same kinds of bags for example, points strongly to the hypothesis that these killings were done by the same people, and that whoever was calling the shots was not Panamanian. The "internationalization" of youth gangs is a theme that has largely missed Panama, until now. The government of Panama needs to clamp down on this shit hard, right now. They do not have the initiative and they need to regain and retake the lead. Right now the police authorities are simply going from body to body, scooping up the remains, and trying to figure out what happened. In short - approaching the problem from a traditional law enforcement point of view. Guys - the situation isn't normal, so you need to do things that are not normal in response. It's really that simple.

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