New National Insurance Policy To Cover Tourists in Panama

Thursday, May 13 2010 @ 09:35 am EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

The Cabinet Council approved an additional appropriation to the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) for an amount of up to $10.72 million dollars that will be used to provide insurance coverage for all tourists who enter the country. The insurance is valid during the time that tourists stay in the country. (La Critica)

Editor's Comment: I think this is health insurance coverage, and it's interesting to note that this was done after Mike and his wife Olga were attacked and shot on the way to Playa Blanca last year. Mike was shot five times and his wife was shot in the forehead, and both survived. They both required surgery which they paid for themselves. I imagine that this new insurance coverage would have paid for medical attention for a case such as this. Mike and Olga were initially treated at the Santo Tomas hospital but the conditions there were marginal so I intervened and helped to get them transferred to the Punta Pacifica hospital, where they had their surgery. The Director of the ATP made some promises to Mike at bedside that he later could not keep with regards to paying for medical treatment. I suspect this initiative might have arisen from the attack. If this insurance policy had been in place at the time, then the national insurance police covering tourists could have been used. Anyway, it's a good initiative.

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