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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 01:48 pm EDT

Labor Minister Clashes With Unions

Employment & Jobs Union leaders received another barrage of criticism from the Minister of Labor and Social Development (MITRADEL), Alma Cortez. This time, Cortes reported a series of situations that occur within the walls of the unions. And she vowed to solve these problems even if the law needs to be changed. About the National Council of Organized Workers (CONATO) the Minister said they don't do anything and simply spend their time fighting to see who will go to the International Labour Organization conference (ILO) and collect the $15,000 allowance. About the Single National Union of Construction Industry Workers (SUNTRACS), the minister said they have millions of dollars deposited in the bank and that she would verify to see if those funds are being used to train workers. Cortes announced that she has labor auditors available to investigate all unions, if requested by just 10% of the membership. And she said she has received complaints from workers who say they do not receive anything in exchange for their union dues. Genaro Lopez, SUNTRACS leader, said he did not know it was wrong to deposit the union dues paid by their members into a bank account. He said they send quarterly reports to MITRADEL. "This is a persecution." Rafael Chavarria, of the CONATO, said that "this is a dream of the minister" because MITRADEL can not audit anything, it is the unions that have this function. (La Estrella)
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