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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 09:25 am EDT

Follow Up on "RJ Erwin" - Real Name Richard D. Cover, Jr.

Expat Tales By DON WINNER for - I received the following via email this morning: "Don, I recently found your articles on RJ Erwin in your Panama Guide. I just wanted to fill you in on a couple of things that you may already know. His real name is actually Richard Cover and he grew up in Northeast Philadelphia. He has a wife named Patricia and 4 kids. One set of triplets and another child that he left when the youngest was about 1 years old. Joseph is his brothers name. Rick was also involved with a poker room (casino) in Philadelphia that was raided by the police back in February of 2006. He has no heart. He ripped off many people in the Phila/Bucks County area with no remorse for his actions. He does have a major gambling problem and likes to frequent prostitutes. There was also a time that he was investgated by the FBI for trafficing of stolen construction equipment and is rumored to have some dealings with the Russian mob in Northeast Philly. One word about Rick......SCUM. Good luck in locating him. There are a lot of people in the Philly area that will like to see him floating in a river somewhere. Keep up the good work. EH."

Received on 8 May 2010: "Don, I am the person who originally posted on Rip Off Report regarding Rick Cover. The photos your articles show look an awful lot like him. I have photos of him and his REAL wife and kids here in the United States. He has served jail time here in the states and disappeared the day after signing a full confession for stealing over $100 K from us. His real name is Richard D. Cover, Jr. One of the contractors effected by his theft from me contacted me yesterday after seeing your comments on my original post. There are a lot of people here who would love to get a hold of "slick rick". He has a known gambling habit here and has a thing for poker especially. If this is really the same guy - I'll never stop looking for him either. I know him very well - I used to share office space with him and he lived close to my house. I am happy to share information to catch him. Our local police department had him on a parole violation and let him go! Can you believe the stupidity?! He disappeared the very next day. Surprise - Surprise. We never got a dime back and did not even waste the lawyer money because his house was seized by the bank and there was no money left. We all knew he fled the country because he was very open about the fact that he was never going back to jail again. Catherine"

Another Follow-Up The Next Day: "Don, I have tons of information. My original police report is what brought out about 25 contractors and 5 families we know of that he robbed. We were by far the greatest loss - I never would have guessed that a guy I knew for more than 6 years would do something like this to me. I know his family, his wifes family. He left behind a wife, triplets that are now about 8 years old, and a younger daughter who was 2 years old when he 'disappeared'. He was in debt to the Russian Mafia in our area and had also been running some sort of illegal poker room and some level of prostitution from warehouse space he had. The police told me he either left the country or was dead. He was so good at getting away with this because he seems like such a clean cut and friendly guy. He always acts like he's doing you a favor. I will compile all I have for you and send it on. Maybe if enough people know about him we can catch him. Catherine."

Nobody Filed Here in Panama: As far as I know, Richard D. Cover, Jr., who was using the alias "RJ Erwin" while he was here in Panama, ripped off at least two people for about $50,000 dollars total. He apparently pulled this scam as a kind of "exit strategy" - he had apparently already decided it was time to leave Panama for greener pastures so he didn't mind if he burned his bridges. He apparently used the money he stole to fund his departure. I was in contact with both victims, and although I advised them both to submit complaints with the local law enforcement authorities, I don't know if they ever did. I was exceptionally pissed off at the time because this guy used my name as part of this scam to rip these people off. Anyway, he's out there somewhere. He also left behind a substantial gambling debt here in Panama as well, so no matter where he is he is almost certainly doing the exact same thing - circling the bowl towards his inevitable end.

Copyright 2010 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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