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Monday, August 26 2019 @ 01:04 am EDT

$35 Million Budget To Implement New Advertorial System

Law & LawyersPanama's Tourism Minister Solomon Shamah said this morning that the new adversarial judicial system will have a budget of approximately $35 million dollars. Shamah's was responding to questions about the issues discussed yesterday by President Ricardo Martinelli in a special meeting of the Cabinet Council held with the organizers of yesterday morning's March for Peace on the Coastal Strip. Shamah said they must prepare to "implement the law of the adversarial system, which is very important, but not right away, and we have to be prepared, and right now we are looking for the funding." Shamah said on the TVN morning news broadcast today that the National Assembly approval of the regulation of the security agencies can be achieved "with the will" of that state body. He thinks this is one of the petitions made by the organizers of the Peach March which can be implemented quickly. Members of the Grand Alliance for Public Safety and the Crusade for Peace presented yesterday, Sunday, after completion of the walk for peace, a statement of 14 points to improve security in the country. When asked why the government still has not been able to prevent prisoners in jail from making cell phone calls, he said the prisons are in the middle of the city, and "when you use electronics to block cell phone calls to the prison, you also block cell phone service to an entire community." Shamah said they are realizing a very thorough analysis for things like the coding, antennas and their limits, in order to block cell phone calls to prisons without harming the surrounding communities. (La Prensa)

Editor's Comment: Here's an idea. Why not just add time to the sentences of prison inmates who are caught with any kind of prohibited contraband - including cell phones. If authorities find a cell phone in your cell, you're going to do another year in La Joya - all twelve guys in that cell. Those things will be like hot potatoes and you'll see them flying out of the windows, over night. The new "advertorial system" is an effort to change Panama's judicial system into something more like what we have in the United States. Right now everything is done on paper, it's slow and inefficient. Changing to the new "advertorial system" will take a lot of money, and so far successive governments have talked about making the change, but thus far no one has stepped up with the money to actually make it happen. The goal is to modernize the judicial system, and to move cases through the system in a more transparent and efficient manner. Finally, one observation - why is the Tourism guy talking about crime, reforms to the judicial system, and the management of prisons? Is the Minister of Government and Justice going to talk about how many new hotel rooms are being built in Panama, or revenues from tourism? Is the Minister of Education going to talk about road construction?

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