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Friday, September 20 2019 @ 02:21 pm EDT

INADEH Training Panamanians To Fill Panama Canal Expansion Jobs

Employment & Jobs The Director of INADEH, Temístocles Rosas , said on the Channel 2 TVN morning newscast that Panama has the human resources required for the expansion of the Panama Canal. Rosas said the INADEH signed an agreement to train the personnel required by the Panama Canal in technical areas, and to that end they have also been working together with the Ministry of Labor (MITRADEL). Rosas said the INADEH is keeping the Panama Canal Authority informed and he displayed a matrix showing the types of technicians that are needed, and that the training of these people is underway. Recently INADEH and the "Grupo Unidos por el Canal" (who won one of the primary contracts) signed an agreement to meet the training requirements, according to the academic offerings of the institution, and the introduction of new programs that complement the demand for skilled personnel. An INADEH bulletin states the most sought after positions are: earth moving foreman, electrical line foreman, heavy equipment maintenance foreman, high voltage line worker, carpenters, mechanics, first and second grade equipment operators, plumbers, steel workers, welders, electricians, electrical mechanics, lineman, among others. Rosas said the INADEH has the capability to train Panamanians in different areas, complying with the profile and international certification to provide skilled manpower which will be required by all aspects of the work being done on the waterway. (TVN Noticias)

Editor's Comment: There's a huge difference between some dude who just graduated from a government sponsored eight week course in welding or whatever, and someone who has thirty years of experience. I understand that these jobs are being created here in Panama, and there is both a need and a desire to fill these positions with Panamanian labor. The unemployment rate continues to fall, the birth rate remains relatively stable, but yet the economy is expanding by leaps and bounds. Strategically speaking, that translates into a labor shortage in the mid-term. I suspect Panama will eventually start handing out short-term "labor visas" or something like that, to allow foreign workers to come to Panama specifically to work on the expansion of the Panama Canal. However "built by the lowest bidder, using rookie labor" is not exactly the picture the ACP wants to paint, I'm sure.

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