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Friday, August 23 2019 @ 10:16 pm EDT

Solomon Shamah Will Be The New "Trashman of Panama"

Panama NewsThe Director of the Tourism Authority of Panama, Solomon Shamah, will become the President of the Board of the new Authority of Urban and Household Cleanliness, which will be responsible for the collection of trash, garbage, and refuse in Panama City. Shamah was one of the driving forces behind the creation of this new authority. He will be joined on the Board of Directors by Health Minister Franklin Vergara and the Administrator of the National Environmental Authority, Javier Arias. And, Harmodio Montaner, the current Director of the Directorate of Urban and Household Cleanliness (DIMAUD) of the Municipality of Panama, will be the Director of the new organization, according to Minister Vergara. Existing DIMAUD employees are concerned because they are not sure if their jobs are safe. Minister Vergara said "no one is going to be fired" and that all existing employees will work for the new organization. (La Prensa)

Editor's Comment: The creation of this new "authority" is basically nothing more than the central government of Ricardo Martinelli taking responsibility for the collection of trash and garbage in Panama City away from the municipal government of Bosco Vallarino. In short, since they could not get the job done, Martinelli is simply shoving them out of the way. Now, the municipal budget will get cut since this responsibility has been removed, there will not by any more money to steal, and the garbage will get collected (as it should be.)

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Solomon Shamah Will Be The New \"Trashman of Panama\"
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, June 01 2010 @ 03:32 pm EDT

Salomon Shamah is a very sharp operator. The job will get done, and with great transparency. Good choice.