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Monday, August 26 2019 @ 02:03 am EDT

French Judge Will Decide Noriega's Fate

Panama NewsThe French judge who is handling the case against former Panamanian dictator Manuel Antonio Noriega, who is facing money laundering charges, has received Panama's request to have Noriega returned to Panama. This was confirmed by the French Ambassador in Panama, Hugues Goisbault, in an interview with RPC Radio. The diplomat explained the response to this request will be left to the judge in the case to decide, because there is no extradition treaty between France and Panama. Noriega is sought by the Panamanian justice system to serve a 20 year prison sentence handed down against him in 1993 by the Superior Court of Justice for the murder of Dr. Hugo Spadafora, a Noriega opponent, whose headless body was found in 1985 on the border between Panama and Costa Rica. On the same subject, Anibal Salas, the President of the Supreme Court, said the request as sent to France was well founded, but if it is necessary to send other procedural materials they would do it. Salas also said the whole process has been extraordinary, especially because they have had to pay for the hiring of French translators to produce the documents. (Telemetro)

Editor's Comment: Interesting. France lets the judge decide issues of international extradition in the absence of a treaty between two nations. I wonder how he will decide the issue. Somebody should hand him this - "C'est tout une farce. Panama n'a pas vraiment envie Noriega dos. La France peut le garder, et le laisser mourir dans une cellule de prison, il n'y. Les politiciens sont obligés panaméenne, politiquement parlant, ŕ faire cette demande. Toutefois, en réalité, personne ne veut au Panama pour voir Noriega revenir ici."

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