22% Of Companies Plan To Hire More Workers in Panama

Wednesday, June 09 2010 @ 05:15 PM EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

About 22% of businesses in Panama plan to hire more workers during the third quarter of 2010, according to an "Employment Outlook Survey" conducted by Manpower of Panama. When asked: "Do you anticipate a change to your organizations labor force for the next quarter?" - Of the 620 companies that participated in the survey, 136 (22%) said they would be increasing their staffs from July to September of this year. Only 37 (6%) said they would be reducing the size of their staff, while 446 (72%) said they would remain at the same level of staffing. Eric Quesada, Manpower's regional director for Central America and the Dominican Republic, said the outcome of the survey held in Panama was good, but more training is needed, because one in three companies reported they cannot find qualified staff. (El Siglo)

Editor's Comment: Panama's economy continues to grow at a steady clip, and a growing economy generates more jobs. Notice, that while 22% say they intend to hire more people, 33% say they cannot find qualified workers. Maybe there would be more companies hiring more employees, if those employees were available to be hired?

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