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Tuesday, June 25 2019 @ 11:47 PM UTC

Labor Ministry Finds Undocumented Foreigners Working in San Miguelito

Employment & JobsThe Ministry of Labor conducted inspections in night clubs in San Miguelito on Thursday night, discovering 15 undocumented people, said the director Victor Cordoba. The inspectors, working together with the National Police, inspected 11 businesses in the area, finding cases of foreigners who were working without work permits and without proper immigration documents. Several of them resisted by refusing to produce documents or permits. Some of the companies did not even have business licences. The foreigners discovered were Venezuelan, Chinese, Colombian and Dominican. Surprise inspections will continue, to ensure the companies and individuals are complying with the law. (La Estrella)

Editor's Comment: Interesting. They conduct a raid on Thursday night, but this time it's not immigration, but rather the Ministry of Labor. The last few weeks in a row Immigration has been rounding up women who are in Panama legally as tourists, but since they were found to be sitting in a bar across the street from the Marriott Hotel (which, according to the Director of Immigration is a "Red Zone" whatever that means) they were hauled away and jailed illegally for more than two weeks. They were only released after they paid bribes of between $1,000 to $1,500 each. Notice this article does not say what happened to the women. It doesn't even say they were women. The only indication that this was another raid and a continuation of the series of Thursday night raids was that they went to "night clubs" which normally means something having to do with prostitution - like strippers or massage parlors. Were they taken to the holding cells in Immigration? Has the Ministry of Labor jumped onto the gravy train of squeezing bribes from tourists who are working as impromptu prostitutes? Panamanian journalists are now investigating all of this and you'll see it on television soon.

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