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Monday, August 26 2019 @ 12:31 am EDT

Two Protest Marches This Afternoon (Now)

Protests & DemonstrationsThe meeting of Heads of State and Government who make up the Central American Integration System (SICA) will have an additional component that was not on agenda. This afternoon union leaders, teachers, environmentalists, indigenous groups, and representatives from the "civil society" will march to protest against Law 30 (a.k.a. the "9 in 1" law) what will end near the Sheraton hotel where the SICA summit is taking place. The aim of the event is to show the members of the SICA and the special guests - the president of Korea and Prime Minister of Italy - is to demonstrate their displeasure with the new law. "The march is a sign of discontent of the society due to the measures implemented by the government," said Rafael Chavarria of the National Confederation of Organized Workers (CONATO). Chavarria explained that all of the member organizations of the CONATO will particilate in the march, which will depart from the Arrocha Pharmacy at the intersection of Via Espana and Via Brazil, go down Via Brazil and then Via Israel, culminating at the Sheraton Hotel.

He added that once the march is over they will begin talks towards a nationwide strike. 'It is important that we all support the strike to express our dissatisfaction with the high cost of basic food, tax payments and violations of the country's institutions," said union leader. Environmentalists will also attend the march against Law 30. 'The environment is one of the greatest concerns in this law, so tomorrow we will wear black to protest," said Raisa Banfield, director of the Center for Environmental Advocacy. Indigenous groups have also confirmed their participation in the event in rejection of the law that reformed three codes and nine laws.

FRENADESO, TO COURT - Parallel to the march by CONATO, the National Front for the Defense of Economic and Social Rights (Frenadeso) also held protest actions, but these will be on the premises of the Supreme Court of Justice. One of the coordinators of Frenadeso, Andrés Rodríguez, said organizations under the Frenadeso umbrella will walk from the Parque Porras to the Gil Ponce Palace of Justice, where they will demand that the Supreme Court Justices speak out against the Law 30. Both marches will begin at 4 pm. (La Estrella)

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