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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 03:31 am EDT

Massive Fire Destroys Several Warehouses in Colon Free Trade Zone

Safety & Security A fire that occurred this afternoon in the Colon Free Zone in the sector of Coco Solito, France Field, has caused multi million dollar losses that have not yet been calculated. The fire started at approximately 12:40 pm this Thursday afternoon, 8 July 2010, in the upper level of the La Bomba warehouse. Firefighters from the province of Colon responded to the scene. Their efforts to extinguish the fire were unsuccessful because there are no fire hydrants installed in the area, forcing them to draw from stagnant water sources close to the sector. Although the fire initially started far away from the warehouses of a company dedicated to the exportation of tires, this material is what caused the fire to grow and spread, and to cause major economic losses to the owners of this business.

Leidi Esquina, the person in charge of one of the companies affected, said she was unaware of the fire, but when the firemen arrived they asked her to open the doors. "I was afraid because I knew that all of the warehouses were going to burn because there is no water," she said. Leonardo Roman, commander of the firefighters, said it was difficult to control the fire, because it was focused on the top floor and the flames made it difficult to work, and what's more they didn't have enough water.

The manager of the Colon Free Zone, Leopoldo Benedetti who came to scene, said that ironically he met with some contractors who would start next week, working together with the IDAAN and an investment of $7 million dollars, to install the water connection. Severo Sousa, president of the Association of Free Zone Users, asked the authorities that now since they have increase their taxes and collected more revenue from the companies in the Free Zone, he expects a quick solution to the lack of water in the area. He added that he hopes another similar fire does not break out which could cause the loss of human life. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Can you even imagine a collection of huge warehouses, full of things like tires, with no source of water to fight a fire when the inevitable fire breaks out? These kinds of fires happen frequently in the Colon Free Trade Zone, and every time the firemen complain about the lack of water. This is just the most recent fire in a long string of identical situations. And for the record, the firemen never did put this fire out. As of the end of the 6:00 pm news this evening, it was still burning hot and black. I suspect it might take it a few days to burn itself out completely - a huge stack of burning rubber can go for a long time - lots of fuel.

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Massive Fire Destroys Several Warehouses in Colon Free Trade Zone
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, July 09 2010 @ 07:57 am EDT

To my knowledge no one can put out a rubber fire (tires) even if they had all the water they wanted, it just can't be done. Check with your Dad, I think he will agree.