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Wednesday, June 26 2019 @ 06:06 PM UTC

Riots Continue in Changuinola

Protests & Demonstrations This morning clashes continued between banana plantation workers of the company Bocas Fruit Company and riot police in different sectors of the city of Changuinola in Bocas del Toro. The workers continue their barricades on different streets. It has also been established that several people have been injured in the renewed fighting this morning. For example, a photojournalist for La Prensa, Eduardo Grimaldo, was wounded while covering the incidents in Changuinola. Grimaldo was injured with five bird shot pellets (from a shotgun) and was taken to the hospital in Changuinola where he received medical care. From about 8:30 a.m. there have been clashes between workers and riot police in the area of Finca 11. Meanwhile, the Minister of the Presidency, Jimmy Papadimitriu, is at the airport in Changuinola, awaiting the arrival of union leaders. The union leaders did not go to meet with Papadimitriu because according to them, no one notified them of this meeting. With details from Leonardo Flores and Pedro Rodriguez Sanjur. (La Prensa)

Editor's Comment: I knew last night that Jimmy Papadimitriu was intending to meet with these so called "union leaders" this morning, because he announced it to local news media. The fact of the matter is that the "union leaders" are getting everything they could possibly hope to obtain right now. They are already creating as much chaos, death, and destruction as possible and they have absolutely no incentive to go to meet with him. Why should they? What will he offer them? They already know the government has no intentions whatsoever of repealing Law 30, which is the only thing they really want, so why should they help to defuse the situation by meeting with Papadimitriu. See what I mean? These guys are scumbags who are only concerned about their own selfish interests, and they are manipulating poor and ignorant banana plantation workers to do their bidding for them. What massive pricks. Meanwhile, more people are getting hurt due to the riots they have instigated with their lies. This kind of crap just pissed me off. In case you need to be geographically oriented on the location of Changuinola in the province of Bocas del Toro in the Republic of Panama, please see the annotated graphic below. Changuinola is located just seven miles as the crow flies from the Panama / Costa Rica border. It's near the Atlantic ocean, and you can see the acres of banana plantations that surround the town. The area has been "banana town" for decades.

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