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Saturday, June 23 2018 @ 07:13 PM EDT

Holbert's "Nape Of The Neck" Execution Technique - Adopted From Adolf Hitler's SS

Expat TalesBy DON WINNER for - Warning - There is absolutely nothing pleasant about this article. A family member of Cher Hughes, who was assassinated in cold blood by serial killers William Dathan Holbert and Laura Michelle Reese, sent me this information. In his confession Holbert said specifically he had shot his victims "in the nape of the neck." The family member, who loved Cher dearly, looked into this. He wanted to be sure Cher had not suffered. And this article contains what he came up with. I think it's important because it further illuminates just how sick this bastard Holbert really is. And, it further cements his ties to all things having to do with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. However - this is some really disturbing stuff. If it had not come from Cher's family - well, I never would have put it up. Anyway, this is one article you might want to skip. (more)

Genickschuss: German for "a shot to the nape of the neck." It comes from the German concentration camps in WWII;

  • The methods of extermination were worked out and put into practice in concentration camps after thorough analyses made in cold blood with Nazi meticulousness. They attained their climax at Birkenau. There, the gas chambers, when working at maximum capacity, could serve for asphyxiating 9.300 men in twenty-four hours. That procedure, validated and commended by Himmler himself, could not be put in practice in all of the thousand of camps scattered throughout the Reich. Consequently, a wide range of other methods were devised to exterminate the detainees. The most widespread, among them, used in all smaller or larger camps was shooting in the nape of the neck, Genickschuss.

  • The method was described by its most reputed expert, Standartenführer, Anton Kaidl, the former commander of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp: "The mass shooting of war prisoners was done in a special room concealed as a consulting room, with a height measuring device and a sight-investigation board. The SS-men were dressed as physicians, wearing doctor's smocks. While, they feigned measuring the detainee'' height, the detainee was shot in the nape of the neck through an orifice in the measuring plank.

  • "Genickschuss" - Since Genickschuss, shooting in the nape of the neck as performed at Sahsenhausen was considered adequate, the "experience" won there was to be turned into account in the other concentration camps as well.

  • Standartenführer Ziereis, the formed commander of Mauthausen stared in his testimony at his trial: "In 1941. All camp commanders were summoned to Sachsenhausen to see how the Russian political workers and commissars could be liquidated as quickly as possible. The political workers and commissars were brought to an isolated barrack where from through a dark corridor they were taken into the execution room, while a radio was bawling out its program at the loudest. In the wall of that room there was a board with a vertical slit, behind which there was a mobile aiming mechanism. The execution was carried out by a pistol whose barrel was introduced into the mechanism."

  • The visitors of the Birkenawald museum, set up in the precincts of the former camp, could enter a room with whitewashed walls, the former "consulting room. "The height measuring device is still there, fixed on one of the walls. The naked detainee had to stand there, his back against the mechanism. The SS-physicians, dressed in the doctor's smock, with an amiable smile on his lips raised to the detainee's height the device sliding along a groove in the wall. When the doctor stopped its movement the victim was shot from the adjoining room trough the slit in the wall.

  • Therefore, at Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen Genickschuss, shooting in the nape of the neck was done almost similarly. The exchange of experience had proved profitable At Dachau the procedure was carried out differently, as can be inferred from the recollections of Dr. Karl Kürich, a former state prisoner. "In the middle of a room there was a hollow covered with a grate. The victim had to undress, get into the hollow, bend and then he was shot in the nape of the neck. When mass executions were made twelve people had to enter that room, kneel, certainly, after they had undressed... and then they received a bullet in their heads."

  • Genisckschuss, shooting in the nape of the neck was customary at Auschwitz, too. The minutes of the proceedings of the International Military Tribunal of Nürnberg recorded that those who carried out the execution..." shot their victims in the nape of the neck with a shot-barreled rifle that made a muffled sound. After execution the "corpse carriers came to take the corpses to a stable near by, where they threw them over the straws. The place of the execution was cleaned of blood puddles and then prepared for new victims."

  • Dr. Mengele's forensic doctor, Nyszli Miklos described such an execution in detail: "A heart-rending cry makes me shudder. I almost instantly hear a dull thud and then the sound of a heavy body collapsing to the floor. I strain my ears and wait, my whole body tense with expectation. Hardly a minute passed and I hear again a blood-curdling scream, followed by a thud and the sound of another body falling to the floor. I count seventy deadly cries, seventy thuds and as many fall-downs. I hear heavy steps moving away and silence falls.

  • The scene of the dreadful tragedy is the room with separate entrance near the autopsy room. An empty, almost dark room with a concrete floor. Its only iron-latticed window looks out on the yard behind the crematorium. I usually used that room for depositing corpses before and after autopsy till they were fakers to be burnt.

  • He bought him a pistol and invited the eighteen years old youth to the camp whose chief and masters he was to present it to him during an adequate, symbolic ceremony. But in the last moment he turned melancholy: a simple and ordinary pistol to celebrate the anniversary of his son who must climb the social ladder higher than his father? An idea crossed his mind, an idea worthy of an SS-Colonel and the commander of a large concentration camp. An idea meant to imprint the anniversary of his eighteenth birthday on the mind of his son. Forty detainees were ordered to get out from barracks and arrange in a line on the platform. Accompanied by his well-beloved son he stopped some tens of meters in front of the Häftilings. He offered his son the pistol and told him: hoot them! It's high time you should learn to shoot at living targets!"

  • (Source:

Feel Like Puking Yet? Every time I think I can't learn anything worse about this scumbag William Dathan Holbert - something new comes up. If anyone has ever deserved the death penalty, it's this guy.

Copyright 2010 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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