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Saturday, June 23 2018 @ 12:36 AM EDT

Oh Crap, Here Come The Environmental Loonies...

Gold & Mining By DON WINNER for - I can see this Petaquilla stuff is going to get stupid, quick. I just received the following email: "Don, honey: As much as you have made a living in this forsaken land - to the expense of locals - there is such thing as feedom of speech, still. Mrs. Pérez, myself and the rest of this society have the right to post whatever the hell we want on our Facebook accounts. Now, what's really interesting is your oh so sudden concern with our opinion regarding Petaquilla. Are you on their payroll? Is "eco tourism" not paying these days? Well, there's always the option of leaving our land, resources, people, and rights alone. Ah! Silly me! I forgot! It's hard to pull these stunts back in the States. Sincerely, Lili Mendoza"

Man, She Really Doesn't Know Me, Does She? Lili - you have the right to pound sand. Proceed. The "sudden interest" comes from the notion that the information posted about Petaquilla was most likely false. As in - bullshit. Or, are you saying it's true? If so, I'd love to know about it. Really. Someone might want to clue in "Lili Mendoza" (whoever the hell she is). And to answer your question Lili - no, I am not on Petaquilla's payroll, they've never paid me a dime for any reason. I have been interested in Petaquilla for about five or six years now. Here - plug this into Google and hit search - "Petaquilla" - and you will see what I'm talking about. And besides, I didn't say a word about you or your Facebook account - some other dude did. Lady, get a clue...

Oh, I See Now: Ana Perez posted the following:

  • "Escribanle a este ser tan BRILLANTE Que ha hecho su plata a cuesta del turismo Panameño, y lo mas increible es que el recurso natural que tenemos es justo lo que el quiere hacer pensar que esta cool destruir CON MINERIA POR PROFIT QUE ES LO QUE SE ALARDE DICIENDO EN EL ARTICULO ... PEREZA ESCRIBANLE!

  • (Translation) Write to this oh-so BRILLIANT - who has made his money at the cost of Panamanian tourism, and the most amazing thing is that the natural resources we have is exactly what he wants people to think is that it's cool to destroy WITH A MINE FOR PROFIT THAT IS WHAT THE ARTICLE IS SAYING ... WRITE TO HIM!

  • "Noah Burgos - soy panameño y ningun Gringo va a venir a decirnos que la MINERIA y los daños colaterales son aceptables" (Translation - Noah Burgos - I am a Panamanian and no Gringo is going to come here to tell us that a Mine and the collateral damage are acceptable.")

Hey Ana Peres - Why Not Write Yourself? Do you really think it's necessary to make some kind of a "set your hair on fire" call to ask your (what, minions?) to write me an email, when you can just write me yourself? You have my email address, and my cell phone number is 6614-0451. Please feel free to first, take a deep breath. And then, I will be more than happy to talk to you, and to publish your views of this issue. I really have only one question for you - did the reported leaking at the Petaquilla mine actually occur, or not? Other than that, you can ramble on about whatever you might like to talk about. If you don't want to talk to me, then please write something up and I'll publish it, in full, no edits or deletes. Is that fair enough for you? But first, please stick your head in a bucket of water, because your hair is on fire, and it's kinda distracting...

Update - She Did Write: OK, I just spoke to Ana Perez on the phone. And, I made my offer to her. She will send me an article about Petaquilla - any length with no restrictions on size or content - and I promised to publish that article, word for word, with no edits, deletions, or changes. That is, quite literally, the best I can do.

And For The Record: Since all of you Panamanian environmental activists are now apparently waking up to the fact that I exist - listen up. My opinion on this issue does not matter one iota. Meaning, not one little bit. Petaquilla is operating in Panama because the government of Panama has allowed it to do so. With that having been said, it is my humble opinion - I think - that in the long run the economic benefits will outweigh the potential negative consequences. If you would take the time to read the HUNDREDS of articles I've posted on this subject you would see that I have been absolutely consistent on this issue since about 2004, when Petaquilla first hit the radar screen. I think (again, simply my opinion, for what it's worth) that it is possible to operate a gold mine in an environmentally responsible manner. If you disagree with that, then more power to you. Let's agree to disagree. I also take issue with the idea of twisting the truth in order to score public opinion points. My question - did the leak occur, or not? What are the truth and facts? That's what I care about. The rest is bullshit.

Want To Publish A Rebuttal? Ana Perez - write whatever you want, and I will publish it word for word. Scout's honor...

Copyright 2010 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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