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Wednesday, June 26 2019 @ 01:48 PM UTC

PANAVIACION - Become A Pilot. Own Your Plane.

Travel & Tourism Welcome to the world of affordable flying. Does that tagline ring a bell inside? Wanted for ever to be a pilot or return to flying? Lacking time or couldn't afford it? Afraid to fail a medical examination? Times are changing and Light Sport Aircraft are changing the world of General Aviation. These are beautiful technically advanced 2-seaters, with carbon fibre or metal body, latest avionics, and a roomy cockpit, able to stay airborne for up to 6 hours. Even an airframe parachute is part of the standard equipment. With cruising speed up to 120 kt, reaching all of Panama and some neighbor countries non-stop. Purchase prices are between $100,000 and up to $150,000. Means not more than a middle class car in shared ownership models of 3 or 4 owners. And mileage is 25 mpg of Mogas, again better than most cars. It's planes for leisure and business. Visit the more than 50 airstrips all across Panama and its islands for fun. Or flying to projects and meetings away from the city, replacing a day of car driving by few hours of flying, saving the precious time of business owners and managers. PANAVIACION Corp. is exclusive distributor for the best-selling light sport aircraft, manufactured by FlightDesign, Germany. (more)

More than 1,500 of their planes planes are flying in 40 countries now. We are proud to have Panama added to this list.

These are the fleet members:

  • CTLS, the latest carbon-fibre model, LSA category (600 kg MTOW)

  • CTLS Supralight, the ultralight version of it (472.5 kg MTOW)

  • MC, for metal concept, the ultimate LSA trainer plane.

Technical details, configuration and pricing can be found at As well as news and upcoming developments.

Jurgen Schlenzig, founder of PANAVIACION Corp., a serial entrepreneur, has moved to Panama and changing business focus. "Being a private pilot, I am seeing Light Sport Aircraft creating a new market segment. And having a decade experience in Internet marketing and sales, I know how to move things, not just watch what's going on."

What these planes are able to achieve was shown earlier this year, when two Swiss pilots completed a round-the-world trip successfully. (

To learn more and to have access to all of our resources we invite you to register at It is easy and opens the PANAVIACION world for you with an increasing number of documents, pictures, videos, business and networking functionality.

PANAVIACION Corp. operates with a first aircraft out of Penonome (MP18) right now, close to the beaches and mountain communities between Punta Chame and Buenaventura.

To bring as much people as possible to flying, again or for the first time, we plan to form a pilot club, to offer shared ownership models, connected with plane rental.

So, if you want to learn flying, own or rent a brand new aircraft, then we can do something for you.

For people with experience in general aviation, PANAVIACION Corp. as a distribution company, has to offer some business ideas and concepts. Contact us.


Mobile 6455 1304


All pictures: FlightDesign / Photo shoot Steve Fletcher ©Key Photography

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