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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 03:19 AM UTC

Restaurant / Lounge in Obarrio Generates Noise Complaints From Neighbors

Nightlife, Bars, and Partying Residents of Calle 61 in Obarrio of Bella Vista in Panama City, who have homes adjacent to the restaurant-lounge Privilege Pavillon, have complained to the authorities about the noise coming from the bar, even after 12:00 midnight. Maruquel Ramírez, a local neighbor, said that since early 2010 this restaurant is the setting for parties almost every day and weekends until late at night. She warned that together with other residents she would sue the owners of the Privilege to the Supreme Court, for alleged irregularities in her opinion which occur at the site.

For her part, Cynthia Sednaevi, spokesman and partner of Privilege, said the establishment has all the permits to operate until 12:00 midnight. She said the Privilege does not hold events weekdays after 11:00 pm.

However, the Panama America called the Privilege acting as a customer and the answer was that the premises could be rented until 2:00 am. Sednaevi said that when they do these activities thye seek special permission from the Municipality.

Meanwhile, Eduardo Palacios, the Justice of the Peace of Bella Vista, said he is aware of complaints about noise, but at 12:00 midnight the Corregedoria is closed, so it falls to the police to make a report that proves this fact. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Believe it or not, there are laws and regulations which govern noise from nightlife, bars, and partying. As you can see from the response from the Justice of the Peace, don't expect the local officials to get off their asses to do anything about it on their own. If you are a neighbor affected by something like this, unfortunately you are going to have to take matters into your own hands to push for resolution. In this case, the neighbors should just show up with a cop at 12:01, one minute after midnight, demand that they fill out a report about noise violations, and then take that report to the Justice of the Peace. And of course don't forget that in many areas the local officials have already been paid off to look the other way. The "Judicial System" is already a joke in Panama, and it's even more broke at the lowest levels.

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