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Friday, January 18 2019 @ 01:57 AM UTC

Ricardo Martinelli's Popularity Rebounds to 69.4%

Politics The popularity of Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli has rebounded in recent months. In a recent Unimer poll 69.4% of those asked rated his tenure as "good" or "excellent." The survey, conducted for the La Prensa newspaper, was held from 7 to 11 October 2010, coinciding with the presidential announcement that the controversial Law 30 would be replaced. Four months ago, support for the president's performance was down to 65.7%. The figure, although high, was still a significant reduction compared to the strong 85.9% obtained by the president in October 2009. In speaking about the good polling results obtained by the President, University of Panama Political Science professor Rubén Darío Rodríguez Patino said, "Martinelli is the representation of neo-populism", who pursues an "original verve and who has many eccentricities which call the attention of the population." (La Prensa)

Editor's Comment: Barack Obama would probably give up body parts to have that kind of a popularity rating right about now. Martinelli's strategy is blazingly simple. When faced with any problem or decision, be always opts for whatever best suits the needs of the majority or the most people. Like for example the issue of the union members paying dues part of the controversial law 30. Martinelli underestimated the willingness of the union leaders to literally fall on their swords over the issue, and to send their (ignorant and manipulated) troops into battle in the streets. At its core Martinelli tried to the to best thing for the most people by making the dues payments optional, but in the end he was forced to capitulate on the issue in response to pressure from the union leaders. However, underlying all of that is his true desire to do anything he can to help the little guy. The people are picking up on that - it's genuine so there's no need to fake it - as politicians normally do. And, that is what is being reflected in these polling results.

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Ricardo Martinelli\'s Popularity Rebounds to 69.4%
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, October 19 2010 @ 12:17 AM UTC

When the means to an end involve the threat of violence or violence itself, Union leadership is the problem. The rest of society (the majority!) should be protected as well. Union LEADERSHIP that basks in the power of violence or disruption of civil society, should also be accountable for such.
The time to stop this cycle is while things are quiet.
Proactive vs. Reactionary.